• Come back, waist: Olivia Wilde demonstrates an imperfect tummy

    A year after giving birth, the actress could not regain her former form and boldly shows her imperfect body.

    Exactly a year ago, actress Olivia Wilde became a mother for the second time. But during this time, the star has not been able to completely lose weight and regain its former shape. The other day the paparazzi found Olivia with their children and husband in Hawaii. In a black solid swimsuit, Olivia looks amazing, only her figure is far from ideal. All spoils a small tummy, which is particularly noticeable in profile, as well as the lack of a waist.

    Photo: Legion-Media
    Photo: Legion-Media
    Photo: Legion-Media

    The actress, apparently decided not to go to the gym and do not swing the press. Although after the first pregnancy Wilde very quickly returned to its former form. After a couple of weeks after giving birth, the actress already looked as if she had not given birth. Her body was taut and skinny.

    The celebrity herself has repeatedly admitted in her interviews that she did nothing to be thin again after giving birth.She never diets because she loves pizza, but she also loves dancing, which allows her not to go to workouts at the gym. Now the actress has completely abandoned herself and does not pay attention that her body is far from ideal.

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