• Comfortable armchair-bag with your hands in just half an hour

    What could be more pleasant in the evening than to fall into a soft bean bag and watch your favorite TV series? Children love them no less than adults: kids seem to be playing on the floor, and seemingly on the chair! It’s good that stitching such a practical piece of furniture is a snap, especially if you have a sewing machine.

    To create a bag-chair with your own hands, you will need:

    • graph paper;
    • two types of fabric - dense and beautiful (for the outer cover), another one (any) - for the interior, 3 m;
    • two lightning;
    • durable thread;
    • a filler (synthetic winterizer, stuffing from under old pillows, toys, polystyrene granules, balls from polyfoam, etc.).

    We begin to sew a bean bag with our own hands with step-by-step instructions and a scheme:

    1. Using graph paper, transfer the pattern from the pattern to the fabric.

    2. Cut out parts for the exterior and interior of the seat bag.

    3. We sew the wedges together, to one we sew a zipper on the side.

    4.Sew the bottom, top and first and last wedges for external and internal tissue.

    5. Fill the seat-bag with filler, fasten the zipper. In the future it will be very convenient to wash the outer cover.

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