• Congratulations on May 9 for veterans, relatives and friends


    Victory Day is one of the most glorious, bright and significant holidays in Russia. Mark it very widely and magnificently. From the high tribunes from the country's first persons, inspirational congratulations sound from May 9 for veterans, war participants and workers of the rear. The power of the Russian soldier, who selflessly defended his homeland from the enemy, is sung in verse and prose. The working groups, offices, schools and kindergartens hold thematic events, in which the younger generation pays tribute to the veterans, thanks them for their peaceful life and congratulates them on their victory.

    Congratulations on May 9 in prose for celebrations

    On May 9, in all cities, a host of festive events take place, on which veterans and war participants are honored with all possible honors. Heads of administrations, deputies, officials, businessmen and managers come from the stands and read to the elderly soldiers and workers of the rear congratulations in prose, glorifying their great feat and telling about the immense gratitude of the young generation for the peaceful sky and happiness in the country.



    Today is a great holiday for our people and the whole Russian land. We celebrate the next anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany. Despite the fact that this day goes farther and farther into the depths of the years, the victory has great historical significance for our Motherland. Today there are so few people to whom we personally can say “thank you” for this feat. I really want the present and future young generations to honor and respect this important day and everything that stands behind it. Happy Victory Day!


    We wish every veteran of the war and a worker of the rear forces more vitality, because these two factors still allow us to bring up grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even great-great-grandchildren. Let health not leave you, and love and dreams lurk in the heart, as it was in the spring of 1945.


    This day in the history of our country is the main holiday. This victory is the victory of the people, the victory of good over evil, the victory of love and patriotism over predatory instincts. So let the veterans live forever, let the feat not be forgotten over the years. Let every kid know what a terrible war cost us and never betray the ideals written in blood on our land: our Homeland is the Homeland of a great, unconquered people.

    Congratulations on the victory of May 9 in verses for veterans - grandparents

    Congratulations on Victory Day on May 9 for the closest people - beloved grandparents - should be especially gentle, sincere, warm and touching. Pick up soulful and sublime words, show your elderly relatives how highly you value their feat and never forget that they owe their courage and dedication to a peaceful sky, well-being and happiness. Old men will be very pleased to hear from you a few verse lines of congratulations on May 9 and receive a traditional bouquet of scarlet carnations tied with a St. George ribbon.



    Remember and appreciate. For us, you are like stars.

    Peace on earth is your feat created.

    Congratulations on Victory Day are ready

    On holidays, weekdays, yet again!


    Grandmother! From May 9

    With all my heart, I congratulate you!

    Be happy always

    Do not look at you for years!


    I congratulate grandfather with all my heart,

    May 9 comes to us!

    May all be well

    I sincerely wish good luck!

    Short greetings from May 9 for colleagues

    In honor of the bright and joyful Victory Day at the enterprises, in offices and labor collectives they hold corporate events and all kinds of festive events.For such cases, it is worth memorizing a few short congratulations in verse from May 9, and then at the most solemn moment to recite them aloud to colleagues and the management team. If you do not want to speak in public, you can write by hand poetic greetings on beautiful, bright postcards and hand them along with red carnations to your colleagues. Rhymed lines, supported by thematic pictures, will be appropriate to look in the wall newspaper or on festive leaflets. This type of design is perfect for creating a raised, festive atmosphere in office departments and offices.



    A lot of years raced since.

    When came a happy victory.

    Saved the world from the brown plague

    Our great-grandfathers, fathers and grandfathers.

    Happy Victory Day, happy holiday

    Sincerely today congratulations.

    Let your family protect you

    I wish you health, happiness and vigor.


    I want you, colleagues, to wish

    So that the memory of ancestors was never forgotten!

    And the Victory Day with pride to meet,

    So that the whole country, we celebrated the holiday!


    May 9 is knocking on our door

    I want to wish you good luck

    Victory appreciate, we all need to work,

    So that the war does not touch again!

    SMS congratulations on May 9 with a victory

    Since May 9, in short poetic or prose sms greetings, you can greet good friends, close relatives living in other cities, colleagues, former classmates and classmates in a happy student life, customers, business partners, friends and neighbors. On this sunny, bright and solemn day, reading the words dedicated to the great victory and unprecedented feat of the veterans will be pleasant to everyone, regardless of age and social status. Prose phrases and lines of poetry, glorifying peace, happiness and prosperity, will give the holiday a special atmosphere and will become a kind of thread connecting the generations into one proud, great and strong nation.



    I wish only a peaceful sky,

    I wish you only warm bread,

    I wish you hopes and aspirations,

    Please accept my congratulations!


    Congratulations on May 9

    Let a lot of life wins

    You in the world expect,

    You live a lot of years.


    From May 9, from Victory Day,

    Oh, how wonderful that we remember him

    So, this will not happen again,

    I wish, let the good happen!

    Congratulations on May 9 to veterans from youth and schoolchildren

    The warmest, sincere and sincere congratulations of May 9 to the veterans should be told by children, schoolchildren and young people. After all, it was for this generation that many years ago our grandparents risked their lives and did everything possible and impossible to stop the enemy and not allow him to destroy our beautiful homeland. Victory Day is the perfect moment to thank wholeheartedly the veterans for their feat, to pay tribute to these fearless, courageous people, thanks to whom we live in a peaceful country today, raise children, work and rest, without thinking about any dangers. For older people who have gone through all the horrors of war, you need to pick up the most kind, touching and heartfelt words and thank them from the bottom of their hearts for everything they have done for us. Congratulations can be recited aloud from the stage of the assembly hall, said personally at the time of handing the flowers or writing on a beautiful themed postcard. Any of these options will be pleasant to every veteran and will definitely be remembered for a long time.



    Dear veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War, home front workers! Accept warm and heartfelt congratulations on the most solemn and revered holiday - Victory Day! Decades pass, generations change,but the Great Victory, a symbol of national unity, military glory and valor, is forever inscribed in the heroic chronicle of the country. We will never forget the feat of our grandfathers and fathers, who defended the independence and integrity of our Motherland, the right of people to life. Our civic duty is to surround the attention and care of veterans. And even more important - to inherit the memory of this holy day to the younger generation. And we must preserve the most valuable thing that the victorious soldiers won - peace, freedom, a great country.

    On this festive day, I want to wish veterans good health, happiness and a long life. All the rest - peace, goodness and family well-being.

    Happy Victory Day!


    Dear winners veterans!

    Your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren stand on you. The feat of the Russian soldier will remain forever in the hearts of many millions of people.

    On the significant anniversary of the Great Victory, accept sincere congratulations from grateful descendants and wishes of good health, well-being and a peaceful sky over your head. Happy holiday!


    Dear veterans, you brought us victory by sacrificing yourself, your youth, health and life! Huge appreciation to you for this! For the happiness to see the smiling sun, to feel the warm wind, to look at the bright sky.

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