• Contests and games for the New Year for the company and the whole family

    New Year is around the corner. An important component of an exciting and fun holiday - contests for the New Year. They unite and force the participants of the event to activity.

    Some contests are game-like, others are ingenious, and others are for dexterity or ingenuity. Do not forget about the existence of erotic competitions that are suitable for uninhibited people.

    If you want the New Year holiday to be remembered for a long time, be sure to include some exciting contests in the New Year program. The photographs taken in the process will remind this evening and joyful atmosphere over many years.

    The most fun contests for the New Year

    I offer 6 fun contests. With their help you cheer up the company, lighten the mood to the maximum, make the festive team more active.

    1. "Christmas fishing". You will need Christmas balls made of cotton wool, a fishing rod with a big hook. Contestants will have to hang Christmas toys on the street in turn, and then take them off. The one who will cope with the task faster than others wins.
    2. "Funny pictures". Make two hand holes on a large piece of cardboard. The players will draw a Snow Maiden or Santa Claus with their hands in the holes. They do not see what they are drawing. The prize will go to the author of the most successful masterpiece.
    3. "Frosty breath". Before each party, place a large snowflake cut out of paper on the table. The task of each participant is to blow off the snowflake so that it falls to the floor on the other side of the table. The contest ends as the last snowflake will end up on the floor. The player who has the most time left to complete the task wins. All because of his frosty breath, because of which the snowflake "stuck to him" to the surface of the table.
    4. "Dish of the Year". The participants will prepare a dish using products from the New Year's table. Suitable Christmas composition of salads or a unique sandwich. After each man sits before each participant, and all players are blindfolded. The “New Year's hostess” will win, who will speed up the dish of a man faster than anyone.
    5. "New Year's melody". Before the participants of the competition put the bottle and put a couple of spoons. They should take turns to approach the bottles and spoons to play a tune.The author of the New Year's musical composition wins.
    6. "Modern Snow Maiden". Men participating in the contest dress up women in order to create an image of a modern Snow Maiden. You can use clothes, jewelry, Christmas toys, all kinds of cosmetics. The victory will go to the “stylist” who created the most unusual and vivid image of the Snow Maiden.

    On this list does not end. If you have imagination, you can create a good contest yourself. The main thing is to make it cheerful and causing smiles on the face of participants and spectators.

    Video examples

    Competitions for the New Year for children and adults

    This holiday, in addition to the noisy pastime at the table, provides for a small dance break, mass games and a variety of competitions.

    New Year's celebration is focused on a mixed audience, so New Year's contests choose such that everyone can participate in them. After a half-hour feast, offer guests several musical and active contests. Having thoroughly washed and danced, they again return to eating New Year's salads.

    I offer 5 interesting contests for children and adults.I'm sure they will occupy a worthy place in the New Year's entertainment program.

    1. "Christmas trees". Participants imagine that they are Christmas trees standing in the middle of the forest. The presenter says the Christmas trees are high, low or wide. After these words, participants raise their arms, crouch, or shrug. The player who made the mistake is eliminated. The most attentive wins.
    2. "Dress the Christmas Tree". Need garlands, tinsel and ribbons. Christmas trees will be women and girls. In their hand, they hold the end of the garland. Male representatives dress up a Christmas tree, holding the second end of the garland with their lips. The pair that will create a smart and beautiful Christmas tree wins.
    3. "Mummy". The competition involves the use of toilet paper. Participants are divided into two teams and choose a mummy in them. The rest of the participants will be mummified. They are wrapping the "lucky" toilet paper. The teams ensure that there are no gaps between the turns. The winner is the team that copes faster with the task.
    4. "Twins". Participating couples. For example, mother and son, father and daughter. Participants hug each other's waist with one hand. For two, you get two free hands. After the pair to cut the figure.One participant holds the paper, the second hand scissors. The winner is the team that made the most beautiful figure.
    5. "A tomato". The competition is designed for two participants who are face to face on opposite sides of the chair. Put a banknote on the chair. At the end of the count, participants must cover the bill with their hands. Who had the first, he won. After the participants are invited to a rematch blindfolded. Instead of money, they put a tomato on a chair. The surprise of the participants will amuse the audience.

    Christmas games for kids

    The main holiday of winter is the New Year, accompanied by holidays, good mood and lots of free time. When guests are gathered in the house, New Year's games for children will come in handy.

    Joking assignments, together with bright images and festive mood will create a positive holiday background. Even a simple collective game will be exciting if you play a friendly company. Especially children will enjoy the competition, the victory in which will bring New Year's gifts.

    1. "Tiger tail". Participants line up and take the one standing in front of the shoulders. The first person in line is the tiger's head. The closing column is the tail.After the signal, the “tail” tends to catch up with the “head” that is trying to escape. "Torso" should remain in the coupling. After some time, the children change places.
    2. «Merry round dance». The usual round dance can be significantly more difficult. The leader sets the tone, constantly changing the direction and speed of movement. After a few laps, the dance will lead a snake, moving between pieces of furniture and guests.
    3. "Journey". The team game involves the use of blindfolds and pins. Pins set the "snake" in front of the participants of the two teams. Team members join hands and blindfolded to overcome the distance. All pins should remain upright. The team whose members get down less pins wins the game.
    4. "Compliment Snow Maiden". Choose the Snow Maiden. After inviting a few boys who will make her compliments. They will have to get pieces of paper out of the bag with inscriptions and on the basis of the words that are written on them, express “warm words”. Wins the player who voiced the greatest number of compliments.
    5. "Magic Words". Participants are divided into teams and give a set of letters that make up a certain word. Each team member gets only one letter.In the story that reads the presenter, there are words from these letters. When such a word sounds, players with the appropriate letters step forward and rebuild in the correct order. A team that is ahead of rivals earns a point.
    6. "What changed". Winning the game will help visual memory. Each participant for some time carefully examines the toys hanging on the branches of the Christmas tree. After the children leave the room. Several toys are outweighed or added new ones. When the children come back, they need to voice what has changed.
    7. "Gift in a circle". Participants are face to face in a circle. The presenter gives one of the players a gift and turns on the music. After the gift moves in a circle. After stopping the music, the gift transfer stops. The player who has the gift left is eliminated. At the end of the game there will be one participant who will get this souvenir.

    Video of children's games

    Ideas for the New Year

    Waiting for a miracle is a tedious business, it is better to create it yourself. What to do? Imagine yourself as a magician, look around, collect simple objects and create something spiritual, shimmering, warm and extraordinary.It will take some free time.

    1. "Christmas balls with applique fabric". To the New Year tree has become stylish and original, it is not necessary to purchase expensive toys. You can create an exclusive design using cheap plastic balls without a pattern. Cut out the same motifs from an old scarf or a beautiful piece of cloth, and glue it onto the surface of the balls.
    2. "Christmas tree toy of orange". It will take a few oranges, a beautiful elegant ribbon, a nice rope, a couple of cinnamon sticks. Oranges slice into slices and send to dry in the oven. Stick a cinnamon with a string and tie it to a slice of orange. From above make an eyelet. The final touch is a bow tied to an eyelet.

    Amazing Snowflake

    It is hard to imagine a New Year's holiday without a dozen perky snowflakes.

    1. Trim the tips of the toothpicks with scissors. Use a paper cutter to make a small cut in the middle of one edge of the toothpick. Get the main tool.
    2. Make a few blanks of paper. The width of the strip in the region of three millimeters. The length is equal to the length of the sheet.
    3. Create a spiral.Insert the edge of the paper strip gently into the slot on the toothpick and twist it into a spiral. Twist the tool, not the paper. Make sure that the spiral turned out as smooth as possible. Remove the spiral and put on the table.
    4. Edge the strips, twisted into a spiral, smear with glue and press to the spiral. Lightly press the end. Get a droplet with a spiral inside. Similar elements to make as much as possible.
    5. The shape of the elements can be changed. During the gluing, the element is squeezed with fingers, giving a certain shape. So not only circles, but droplets and eyes are created.
    6. Having prepared the required number of elements to start forming a snowflake. From individual elements to create a pattern, holding together a drop of glue. It turns out amazing beauty snowflake.

    Perhaps my ideas for the New Year seem too simple. If you do everything right, the result will be very beautiful, with minimal time and money.

    Ideas for the New Year with family

    New Year's is a family holiday, a wonderful occasion to get together at the table, share impressions, take stock and make plans.

    On this day grandfathers, aunts and parents will gather in one house.We must try to make the festive night was varied and fun. This will help only in advance planning and careful preparation.

    1. Prepare a script. Each family member is instructed to write a small greeting speech. Close people are pleased to hear warm words.
    2. Write humorous toasts on leaflets. During the feast, guests will share their thoughts and cheer each other.
    3. Arrange a family interview. A good video camera will come in handy. You can record the wishes of family members on video.


    1. Each family has certain traditions and customs of celebrating the New Year. Some go out into the street and fireworks start, the second visit the main square, the third stay at home and exchange gifts.
    2. Family traditions must be followed. This revives childhood memories, when parents tried to arrange a New Year's fairy tale.
    3. Family New Year is a real holiday of love, at this moment we are surrounded by close people, in the house there is a joyful and calm atmosphere.
    4. This evening, give the members of the family as much laughter and joy as possible.

    New Year is a holiday when you should not limit yourself to the framework.On the contrary, unleash the fantasy and allow it to roam to the fullest. In this case, you get an unusual holiday, a real feast with games, dances, fun, delicious cake.

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    Good luck in the coming year and do not forget to buy your close New Year presents. Do not pursue expensive things. Let it be cheaper, but from the heart.

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