• Corfu - a luxury island for your trip

    If you want to go to Greece and find out all the best sides of this country, then visit Corfu island, it will win your heart!

    What is it and where is it located?

    Corfu, or as it is called differently, Corfu - is owned by the Greek island belonging to the Ionian islands, with the second largest and most northerly. On the one hand it is washed by the Ionian Sea, and on the other - by the Adriatic.

    The population is just over 100 thousand people, and the area is 593 square kilometers. Official in many European countries is the name of Kerkyra (it is indicated on the maps), but in everyday life it is almost never used. The capital, by the way, is the city of the same name - Kerkyra.

    How to get there?

    The easiest way to get to this paradise and picturesque place on the plane, the journey time will be about 3-3.5 hours, and flights are carried out from many capitals and major cities of Europe. The international airport is located in Canonisi, that is, about two kilometers from the capital.

    Where to stay?

    Since Corfu is a resort island, there is usually no problem with accommodating tourists here: there are a lot of hotels in the territory, and there are a lot of “star” hotels working on the “all-inclusive” system, as well as more modest and affordable ones. But it is better to book rooms in advance, especially during the holiday season.

    How to move?

    The island has a well-developed municipal transport, represented by buses, you can buy tickets for them either at vending machines (they are available at all parking lots, but they are not easy to use for tourists), or directly from the drivers.

    If you want to visit other islands, you can get to them by ferry. Transportation available to visitors is also available. But to take advantage of this service, one must have international rights (although in some points conventional ones are also accepted). Also, you will certainly have to leave a deposit. And remember that Corfu has a strict system of fines for traffic offenses, and the rates are quite high.

    Tip: instead of a car you can rent a quad bike, then you will definitely get a lot of unforgettable impressions!

    Nature and Relief

    In form, the island is like a sickle, and it is divided into three parts by two high ridges. The northern part is covered by mountains, the southern - the most flat and even low-lying, and the central - hilly.The skeleton consists of different limestone deposits, which gives it a unique and almost incredible view, which is especially magnificent from the highest points. The length of the coastline is more than 200 kilometers, and the highest mountain is the Pantokrator (height is 906 m).

    Corfu is a real blooming and green paradise, because it is practically covered with various trees. Here you can find grapes, olives, figs, pomegranates, strawberry trees, laurels, and stone oaks. Some tropical crops also grow here, for example, lokva, prickly pear, kumquats, bananas.


    The climate of Corfu can be called very mild, because it is typically Mediterranean and subtropical. The summer is quite warm, but not hot, as in the evening the temperature usually drops to comfortable levels. In June, the day here is about 25-30 degrees, and in winter the mercury column of the thermometer usually does not fall below 5-10 degrees, so even at this time it is quite possible to rest here. In the warm season, the water temperature is understood to 24-25 degrees. The rainiest period lasts from September to March, that is, part of the autumn and the whole winter.

    Things to do?

    Rest on the island of Corfu will definitely please those who love memorable and impressive travel, because here everyone will be able to find something for everyone.Here are some interesting options:

    • Just walk around the island on foot, it is incredibly beautiful, and at any time of the day.
    • Appreciate all the advantages of a measured beach holiday.
    • Enjoy shopping.
    • Enjoy the culinary skills of local chefs and try all the traditional Greek cuisine.
    • If you like outdoor activities, then all kinds of water sports are available for you.
    • There are horse and golf clubs, tennis courts and much more.
    • Many bars and clubs open their doors at night.

    What to see?

    The most interesting sights of Corfu:

    1. Paleo Frurio - Venetian old fortress built on an artificial small island.
    2. Neo Frurio - a whole complex of defensive structures, located in the north-eastern part.
    3. Palea Anaktora - the former residence of the Greek king, a complex of buildings in a chic Romanesque style.
    4. Spionade Square in Corfu.
    5. Church of St. Spyridon.
    6. Park and the Mont Repo Palace.
    7. Cathedral.
    8. Museum of Asian Art.
    9. The Palace of Saints Michael and George.
    10. The monument to Admiral Ushakov. Yes, it is surprising, but there is such a tourist attraction.
    11. Byzantine Museum.
    12. Monastery of Our Lady of Plata.
    13. Old Palace Regenda.
    14. Liston is an amazing and noteworthy building.
    15. Museum of Kapodistrias.
    16. The palace of San Giacomo, built in the Baroque style.
    17. Bella Vista - stunning beauty of the hill.
    18. Fortresses of the Middle Ages, located in Gardik, Paleokastritsa and Kassiopi.
    19. Angelokastro - the so-called fortress of angels.

    Spa places

    In general, the whole of Corfu is considered a true Greek tourist and resort center, but there are places on the island, especially popular among visitors. First of all, these are picturesque beaches located in Maritia, Sidari, Agios Gordis, Paleokastritsa, Agios Georgios, Cassiopeia, and also in the lagoon of Corission.

    If you prefer a tent vacation, then go to one of the camping areas that can be found in Roda, Messongi, Agrillia, Pirgi, Paleokastritsa, Gouvia. And if you want to spend time actively, then go to the mountainous areas, located in Dristis, Lefkimi, Megachoro, Agia Aikaterina.

    What to buy?

    What to buy in Corfu?

    • First, useful and quality olive oil and other traditional Greek snacks and delicacies such as candied fruits, sweets, cheeses.
    • Secondly, creative crafts from wood, natural stone, glass and other materials (local masters are real virtuosos).
    • Thirdly, elegant accessories: jewelry, belts, hats.
    • Fourth, clothes. Some items here are much cheaper than in most European countries. In addition, they are incredibly beautiful and exquisite.
    • Fifth, cosmetic and hygiene products, such as creams and soap based on olive oil, deserve attention.

    Gastronomic features

    Greek cuisine is varied and colorful, and all traditional dishes can be considered useful, because they are prepared mainly in olive oil. For cooking various vegetables, olives, meat, fish, seafood are used. Also Greeks love and respect milk and sour-milk products.

    Well, and, of course, sweets are popular, which will delight any gourmet. As for drinks, in Greece, coffee, wine, as well as fruit liqueurs and strong grape or anise liqueurs are popular. And to try it all, visit the numerous restaurants or cafes.

    Let the trip be remembered and give only pleasant emotions!

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