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    Tell me, maybe there are sites where you can compare the exchange rate? Or where in Odessa is it most advantageous to change currency? I never thought about it, but now I have to change a large amount - I don�t want to lose much on the difference.
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    Do you buy or sell? If you buy - definitely in the bank, and that is, not very honest exchangers, especially in the center - can accidentally slip a fake. I advise Privat or Oschad.
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    If a large amount - then of course it is better to offer offers from different banks, and you should not forget about the black market - there it is often much more profitable. And about the fake - so with you, all the bills are checked, just watch. You can compare the exchange rates in Odessa here, for example, and determine the place.
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    In addition to the course, you also learn about the commission and additional payments - sometimes a military fee is charged, maybe something else. And then all the benefits of the course can come to naught simply in simple terms.

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