• Dakota and Gordon have achieved a fair divorce

    Now the singer knows herself and "turns the novel" with him.

    Recall that the news that the cutest couple of show business, the former "manufacturers" Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky broke up, fell like a bolt from the blue. No one expected such a thing to be possible at all! After all, the couple for three years constantly shared photographs and videos, which depicted a family idyll. They happily raised their baby Miyu ...

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    In August, Rita learned that her faithful is cheating. It turns out that everyone knew about it, even the parents of Sokolovsky. The shock was that even when Dakota was discharged from the maternity hospital, then Vlad had already quite closely communicated with other girls. The singer reported on Instagram that the former spouse will not be easy to participate in raising a child. Rita immediately decided that she would divorce, and there was no way back.

    “Someday this pain will subside, and I will try to forgive him and speak to him again.Now we have a division of property (yes, you are not mistaken, usually in such situations a man voluntarily leaves with one suitcase, leaving everything to the child and the woman whose life he destroyed, but this is not about Vlad), and I need the strength to defend justice in the name of us and Mia, ”the artist said in her microblog.

    13 Sep 2018 at 7:09 PDT

    Now it became known that this "nightmare" is almost over. The interests of the artist defended human rights activist Katya Gordon, who supported other stars in similar situations. Apparently, the divorce process comes to a happy end.

    “I am ready for anything, and the coolest - I'm not afraid of anything at all. When you shake for property, for money, for shares, you lose them bitterly. When you do not hold on to anything and is ready for any scenario, the Universe unfolds in such a way that everything is done for justice. Katya is one of those lawyers who are completely on my side about a peaceful divorce without a show at Malakhov and other delights of public separation. I am very glad that it looks like we are at the finish line. On this day, I’ll throw my antidepressants into the ballot box and, probably, I will raise a glass of sparkling wine, even though vino in the past, ”Dakota wrote in the microblog.

    Now Rita is studying herself. She communicates with coaches and psychologists who help her recover and take the right path. Also, the artist is actively engaged in raising a daughter, Mia, in which the soul does not like. It is worth recalling that the performer gave several solo concerts, which were sold out. She intends to continue her musical career.

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