• Decorate bottles with semolina

    From an ordinary bottle, you can always make a small, and sometimes a great work of art, without the need for special knowledge or skills. Here is another way to put any pattern on the bottle, and for this you will need semolina, glue and fantasy.

    Materials and tools:

    1. semolina;
    2. PVA glue;
    3. disposable syringe;
    4. spray paint;  
    5. rhinestones;
    6. bottle.

    Step 1

    Take the bottle, remove the labels, carefully wash it and wipe it dry.

    In a syringe (without a needle), we collect PVA glue. You can also use liquid nails instead of PVA glue.

    Choose an ornament that will decorate the bottle, if necessary, apply it to the bottle with a marker.

    Extruding PVA glue, draw a syringe ornament and densely sprinkle it with croup. The work is carried out in several stages, with intervals of 3-5 hours to dry the bottle in a horizontal position.

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