• Determination of leukocytes in the blood


    The number of leukocytes in the blood

    There is no fixed fixed number of leukocytes, which would be considered the norm for all people. This figure varies depending on the age of the person: the older the person, the smaller the number of leukocytes in his blood. The normal number of leukocytes in a newborn baby is 9-30x109 / l. In an adult, this figure is three times less - 4-9x109 / l. The indicator of the number of particles in the blood may deviate slightly from the norm depending on the functional state of the body and even the time of day.

    So, in the blood of pregnant women there is an increased number of leukocytes. The norm increases during the first time after eating, after exercise, with overheating and cooling. But if the number of particles increases three times more than the norm, then this is a signal of a disease developing in the body.

    A condition in which the body has a high content of leukocytes is called leukocytosis, and the reverse state is called leukopenia.It should be noted that the quality of blood sampling for analysis strongly influences the number of leukocytes: the procedure must be carried out on an empty stomach.

    How to determine the number of leukocytes

    To determine the level of blood leukocytes in several ways: by donating blood, smear, urine or semen.

    It is very important to monitor the level of white blood cells in the urine during pregnancy. High rates indicate the presence in the body of a woman carrying a child, inflammatory processes, for example, pyelonephritis or cystitis.

    Do not forget that the final result of the analysis depends on its proper conduct. Therefore, doctors, before prescribing any potent drugs to a pregnant woman, are reanalyzed.

    The following procedure is used to read the number of leukocytes in the blood, semen or urine. A certain portion of the liquid is placed in a centrifuge apparatus. The precipitate is applied to the glass and examined under a microscope. To calculate the number of leukocytes, the sediment is stained using a special dye. After that, the apparent number of leukocytes in the field of view is calculated.

    If the analysis showed a deviation from the normal white blood cell count, it is necessary to find out the reason for the increase in the number of particles. Some diseases are diagnosed by checking the white blood cell count.

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