• Diet for men

    In the modern world, all people strive to be slim and beautiful, and now men are almost as active as women in this matter. But if women's diets are mainly based on restrictions and fasting, then the diet for men should be different.

    The male body is different from the female speed of metabolic processes, it spends calories faster, and needs constant maintenance and balance of nutrients. However, a rather large proportion of men still have excess weight. The sedentary lifestyle and the consumption of excess food, which the body does not need and often is high in calories and fat, is to blame.

    Diet for men the basic rules

    The diet for men includes the basic rules:

    • Do not overeat - often you want to eat not with the stomach, but with your head. When something tasty lies in the fridge, sometimes it’s just impossible to stop eating, or many people start to chew something out of boredom to occupy themselves with something. Sometimes it’s even easy to realize the fact that “I am full and I don’t need anything more” is enough, but you can additionally occupy yourself with something useful, or replace high-calorie foods with more useful ones, fresh vegetables instead of cookies, candied fruits and nuts instead of sweets and chocolate.
    • Reduce the fat content of products - instead of pork, give preference to chicken or rabbit, eat low-fat dairy products, and butter, if possible, replace with vegetable. Instead of fried there is boiled or steamed. Instead of fatty pork borscht, it is better to eat chicken soup with vegetables or vegetarian soup. Instead of mayonnaise, salads can be dressed with yogurt or olive oil. It is impossible to exclude fats from the diet, as they are an important component of food.
    • Maintain protein levels - the male body spends a lot of protein at work, especially when muscles work, so it is important not to deprive it of this resource. Men even dieting need to eat meat (chicken, rabbit, turkey, lamb, veal), fish and dairy products. Legumes (beans, soy) and mushrooms can be alternative sources of protein.
    • Maintain the level of carbohydrates - due to the accelerated metabolism and a number of other features, carbohydrates less often accumulate in the male body as fat, but this does not mean that men can lean on the flour and sweet. Carbohydrates should be consumed regularly but in moderation and it is better to modify them so that they are beneficial. For example, instead of white bread it is better to eat grain, or rye black.It is better to use potato in the foil and cooked in the uniform. Macaroni is better to choose from durum wheat.
    • Reduce the amount of alcohol. Alcohol in general is very high in calories, this is especially true for alcoholic energy drinks. Excess calories that are not spent on the body's work are directly deposited in the form of fat. Especially dangerous for those who want to lose weight bottled beer, it stimulates the appetite, and the yeast contained in it is poorly absorbed by the body and lead to excess weight and "beer belly". Live, non-pasteurized beer contains useful cultures that help the digestive process, so a dieter can afford 1-2 glasses of live beer per week.

    Men diet menu

    In general, sanatorium diets are suitable for men, as they provide the body with all the necessary substances but do not allow to overeat and do not leave too much for the accumulation of fat. In general, a diet for men consists of three meals a day on certain menus:

    Breakfast: cereal without sugar and fruit, or a butter-free sandwich with low-fat cheese and ham (doctor sausage is suitable), or 2 eggs, an orange and a piece of bread + unsweetened tea or water.

    Lunch: a piece of boiled or baked meat, fish or chicken (about 100g, sometimes more) + jacket potatoes, or green peas, or spaghetti + fresh vegetables.

    Dinner: a piece of fish, meat or poultry + beans, or potatoes, or pasta + a piece of bread + greens and vegetables.

    You can make your own menu by following the basic rules and stay slim.

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