• Diet for stomach ulcers

    Any diet requires the advice of a doctor. Especially when it comes to therapeutic diets. Diet for gastric ulcer should be appointed by a specialist, only he can take into account all the peculiarities of nutrition for this ailment. But there are common eating habits for peptic ulcer disease. About them and tell.

    Basic principles of nutrition for stomach ulcers

    • The body needs a diet with increased nutritional value. Food should be rich in fats, proteins, carbohydrates, mineral salts and vitamins A, B and C.
    • Eat foods that will not irritate the gastric mucosa.
    • Eat often, namely in 3-4 hours every day.
    • Food should be at room temperature. It is forbidden to eat very hot or cold dishes.
    • The strong sokogonny action of some products should be limited. These products can not be consumed.
    • Do not eat much at one time. It is better to eat little by little, but often.
    • Try to eat food in the ground form, as it should not greatly irritate the gastric mucosa.
    • Reduce the use of salt to 10-12 g per day. Here's how to eat for stomach ulcers.

    It is impossible not to note the importance of milk in stomach ulcers. The fact is that milk provides the body with all the necessary nutrients. The main task for a stomach ulcer is the restoration of all vital processes in the body. It is milk that will allow you to quickly restore everything that your body needs for normal, stable work. Some people, however, do not tolerate milk well. They are encouraged to drink milk in a warm condition and in small portions. You can dilute the milk tea or coffee.

    Vegetable fats, as well as milk, contribute to the speedy healing of ulcers in the stomach. Sunflower and olive oil should be consumed along with fats of animal origin.

    To overcome gastric ulcer it is necessary to exclude the following products from your diet:

    • Meat dishes - fatty meats and fried foods should not be used with a stomach ulcer.
    • Fish dishes - fatty fish and fried foods.
    • Mushroom soup.
    • Mutton fat and pork, beef tallow.
    • Salty and spicy dishes.
    • Sausages.
    • Canned food.
    • Rich dough, rye bread, pies.
    • Alcoholic beverages.
    • Ice cream.

    Option diet for stomach ulcers

    First day:

    • Breakfast: white wheat bread with butter - 1 pc .; 100 grams of yogurt; 200 ml of mineral water without gas.
    • Second breakfast: 2 pcs. soft-boiled eggs; 150 grams of rice porridge; 100 grams of fruit puree; 200 ml of milk.
    • Lunch: 250 ml of chicken soup; cutlet; 100 g of boiled pasta; 1 slice of white bread; 100 g of fruit souffle; 100 grams of applesauce; 3 fruits of dried apricots soaked in water; 200 ml of milk.
    • Lunch: 150 g of steam patty; 150 grams of mashed potatoes; 1 slice of white wheat bread; 40 g of raisins soaked in water; 200 ml of wild rose broth.
    • Dinner: 150 grams of boiled beef; 2 soft boiled eggs; 150 grams of vegetable salad; 1 slice of white wheat bread; 100 g fruit jelly; 200 ml of milk.

    Second day:

    • Breakfast: one sandwich; 200 ml of mineral water without gas.
    • The second breakfast: a steam omelet from 2 eggs; 150 grams of semolina; 200 ml of tea with sugar.
    • Lunch: 300 ml of vegetable soup; 150 grams of beef meatballs; 100 grams of green peas; 100 g potatoes in their skins; 1 slice of white wheat bread; 100 g of fruit jelly; 200 ml of tea without sugar.
    • Safe, 200 g of oatmeal; 1 slice of white wheat bread; 200 ml of milk.
    • Dinner: 150 grams of boiled fish; 100 grams of vegetable puree; one soft-boiled egg; 1 slice of wheat white bread; 200 ml of milk.

    Days alternate.

    Any diet, including a diet for stomach ulcers, is a serious stress for the body. In this article, we talked about diet, which is necessary for stomach ulcers.We hope that our article will help you overcome this unpleasant event in your life. Remember, health is your main resource that requires special attention. Never leave health problems in the background.

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