• DIY Cardboard Clock to School

    Lesson for children who already know the numbers and confidently consider. Now we learn to determine the time and even lay it out of the numbers on a special scoreboard.

    You can teach a child to determine the time already at preschool age; the sooner he learns how to do it, the easier it will be for parents. In addition, the test tasks for the ability to work with the clock are used as introductory tests in many status-based educational institutions.

    Watch your own hands from cardboard to school

    Do-it-yourself watches from cardboard to school

    Cardboard watches are simply irreplaceable - for children the lessons with them become much more understandable and visual. It is absolutely not necessary to buy factory manuals and models of watches, as each parent can easily make watches for the child.

    What you need for this:

    • Dense cardboard.
    • Compass.
    • Markers.
    • Scissors.
    • The empty rod from the ballpens.
    • Matches.

    With a circle we draw two circles with one center - one is larger, the other is slightly smaller. On the inner circle, we postpone sixty divisions at regular intervals and arrange the numbers according to the dial of the present clock. We write Arabic numerals, with Roman children learn to work in the second grade of primary school.

    We cut out our watches. We make arrows for them - as usual, a wide and short sentinel and a narrower and longer one - a minute one. Fasten them to the dial with a piece of an empty rod, the edges of which are then melted in a burning match and flatten by a matchbox.

    Clock your hands from cardboard to school 1

    Done! You can safely take such manufactured watches with your own hands from cardboard to school, when it's time to grind the ability to determine the time.

    Well, if we want to teach the child before school, then we'll prepare an empty electronic watch dial (four empty square window) and numbers to it. Also useful are images of watches,arrows which show a specific time.

     Watch your own hands from cardboard to school 2

    Watch your own hands from cardboard to school 2

    We explain to the baby the basics: which hand shows the hours, which - the minutes, how many divisions. And then we learn to determine by the location of the arrows, how many hours and how many minutes. If the clock is usually very easy, then many children are confused with the minutes. Therefore, you can draw on the dial next to the designation of each hour the designation of the number of minutes (10, 15, 20, etc.).

     Watch your own hands from cardboard to school 3

    Clock with your own hands from cardboard to school 3

    We try to show the same time on our watch as in the pictures - put the arrow in the desired position, determine how many hours and minutes we got.

    When the basics are mastered, go to the next step: on the electronic iferblate lay out the number of hours and minutes, and the child shows them on his watch. Such an exercise is often used when entering status schools.

     Watch with your own hands from cardboard to school 4

    Watch your own hands from cardboard to school 4

    And, of course, the final step will be working out the knowledge gained on real hours. Be interested as often as possible, what time it is, pay attention to the child’s watch when you are going somewhere or plan to go somewhere after some time. So the baby learns early not only to determine the time, but also to feel and plan .

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