• DIY lamp painting

    How to get a beautiful element of decor and keep your wallet intact? Make an interesting lamp with your own hands! Today, we will assemble an interesting luminaire with a backlight from our materials.

    Necessary materials:

    • 2 frames with a side of about 50 cm and a thickness of 4-5 cm,
    • LED cord, LED power supply,
    • electrical cable with plug and switch,
    • drill, paint, double sided tape, wooden rods.

    lamp DIY

    DIY do-it-yourself lamp will decorate any room

    1. First of all, carefully remove the glass and the back surface of the frame. Put it all aside, it will still be useful to us. We are left in the work frame frame together with the mat.

    2. At the top of the frame, departing 10 cm left and right, carefully drill 12 holes in the center of the frame. The distance between the holes is the same, the size of the holes should allow you to insert the bars you selected for the lamp.

    do the lamp with your own hands - prepare the frame

    Drill holes for the bars in the upper part of the frame for the lamp

    3On the opposite side of the frame, opposite the one where you drilled the holes, glue two strips of double-sided adhesive tape. Attach to them an LED cord with 3-4 light emitting elements. Connect them to a power cord with a switch and plug.

    DIY do-it-yourself fixture painting

    Attach the LED elements to the fixture on the tape.

    4. The back surface of our frame, which will be visible behind the bars, can be decorated in a variety of ways, for example, dyed brown, or put plaster putty on it to add textures. Before finally collecting the lamp-picture, make sure that the painted surface is completely dry.

    lamp picture, made in the interior

    The luminaire, which you made with your own hands, will add style to your interior

    5. Insert into the holes in the top of the frame of the twig. If necessary, trim them so that they make up a beautiful composition. Insert the back surface of the frame, painted side to the bars. Your unusual lamp picture is ready!

    6. When your first lamp is ready, follow the same steps for the second lamp. Having made such an amazing lamp with your own hands for a couple of hours, you will create a bright interesting accent in the interior of your house.

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