• Do I need to pre-align the walls for wallpapering? Do I need to pre-align the walls for pasting wallpaper

    Do I need to pre-align the walls for wallpapering?

    He rented an apartment for a year. But you have to do cosmetic repairs. Masters convince that it is necessary to align the walls before sticking wallpaper. And without this you can not? I worry about what will be delayed for a long time, and extra expenses. I want to hurry.
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    Answered 29 march 2017 21:39
    It is desirable. Especially if the wallpaper is thin - then all the irregularities can be seen. But if you do not care, then glue non-woven and then paint. Some such wallpaper for painting to align the walls and use.
    Julia Bogdanova
    Julia Bogdanova
    Answered 29 march 2017 21:59
    You can do without leveling the walls, if you use structural wallpaper. They perfectly hide irregularities. You can, as an option, consider also liquid wallpaper of such a plan. They will hide everything in general. They can even create a picture on the wall. This is a good option for quick and not very expensive repairs.
    Answered 29 march 2017 22:07
    You can make decorative plaster. I have a friend with the help of a spatula finished the room so-so. tell the masters and they will. It is not difficult.

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