• Do-it-yourself gift: how to make a key chain

    Do-it-yourself gift: how to make a key chain

    Have you dreamed of making a cool and useful gift to your friend for a long time? Key chain is a thing without which today it is difficult to imagine any inhabitant on our planet, because everyone has the keys. From housing, car, garage or even from our own kiosk - many of us always have a bunch of keys with us. Keychain is a great way to decorate it.

    Bought a trinket can hardly surprise a girl, friend, colleague or relative. But if you present a surprise in the form of a keychain made by your own hands, the receiver's delight is guaranteed!

    How to make a keychain with your own hands?

    Nowadays, handmade key chains in the form of little men or their clothes are popular. This is the keychain we will learn to create today.

    A rag accessory is considered the most practical option, since it can be easily washed if it is dirty.

    To work you need:

    • thick black fabric - 6x12 cm
    • checkered material - 2 pcs. size 2x3 cm
    • white linen cloth - 6x13 cm
    • polka dot fabric - 4x4 cm
    • button - 1 pc.
    • cord or rope
    • strings

    Step-by-step instruction

    In the end, you get a nice and practical product of about 6x3 cm.

    1. We take a dense fabric of black color and we wipe it with one seam, narrowing it on one side. As a result, we get something like a trapezoid dress.
    2. We make on our finished dress two cuts with scissors on each side approximately one centimeter.
    3. We create two small sleeves from the checkered fabric, rubbing them along the same principle as the black fabric.
    4. Now we insert the already finished sleeves into our cuts and attach them.
    5. We cut the polka-dot fabric into two semicircles, wipe them with the wrong side, turn it over onto the front one. We have turned a beautiful collar, which can now be sewn to the dress.

      Do-it-yourself gift: how to make a key chain

    6. We begin to sew a vest for a dress. We take a linen cloth and cut it into such details: a back and two front parts. Construct, and at the end we make a beautiful decorative seam with the help of a thread around the contour of the whole vest.
    7. We make a hole on the waistcoat for a button, and sew the button itself to the opposite side.
    8. Put on a vest over the dress. If you want, that it was not removed, in area of ​​shoulders and on each side it is possible to make pair stitches.

      Do-it-yourself gift: how to make a key chain

    9. Our key chain is almost ready, it remains to take care of the hook, which in the future can cling keys. We make it with the help of a lace: we cut off a small piece, we twist it and fasten it on the underside of the dress.
    10. We warm up the iron and iron our product to give a decent appearance.

    As a result, we have a completely unique and exclusive keychain, to wear on which their keys will be pleasant for everyone.

    Do-it-yourself gift: how to make a key chain

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