• Do-it-yourself graduate postcard

    The graduation party is an important moment in the life of schoolchildren, and on this day everyone rushes to bring them congratulations. As a memorable gift to the graduate, you can present an original postcard, and a postcard for a graduate, made with the help of quilling techniques, will be especially interesting.

    Postcard for a graduate of the school with their own hands

    Postcard for a graduate do-it-yourself schools

    Cute postcards for the last call graduates can do with their own hands both teachers and schoolchildren. For example, a postcard to a graduate of grade 11 with his own hands can be made by first-graders or tenth-graders who are preparing to take the place of graduates.

    All that is needed in the work is thick two-sided colored paper,

     Paper for crafts and bands for quilling

    Paper for crafts and bands for quilling

    glue, scissors,paper strips and tools for quilling (stick or fork with a split end).

    The paper sheet is folded in half.

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