• Snowflakes on their own for the New Year 2017 - master classes with photos and videos for children and adults. How to cut a beautiful snowflake out of paper - patterns and schemes

    The most relevant and common types of winter decoration are snowflakes, made with paper hands. How to make them at home, in kindergarten or at school with children, tell our master classes with step-by-step instructions, schemes of work, photos and videos. From the lessons below, you will learn how to cut paper snowflakes beautifully for the New Year, how to create three-dimensional products in 3D style and how to fold amazingly elegant and aerial crafts in the ancient Chinese origami technique. The snowflakes made by own hands will turn out very unusual, will present everyone optimistic,festive mood and make everyone believe in the most beautiful and kind New Year's fairy tale.

    Paper snowflakes do-it-yourself schemes for New 2017

    With very ordinary scissors you can cut out very unusual, elegant and airy snowflakes from small sheets of paper with your own hands. The drawing will suit anyone, but if you don’t have your own ideas, you should use ready-made diagrams. This section contains the most popular options for Christmas patterns. Transferring them to a suitable material, you will be able to make unusually light, beautiful and tender snowflakes that will serve as a magnificent decoration of windows, doors, a room in an apartment or house, a school class, an office or a production room.







    Bulk paper snowflakes with their own hands - a simple scheme of work and step by step photos

    Camera 360

    This master class describes in detail the creation of a three-dimensional paper snowflake, reminiscent of the shape of a beautiful blossoming flower. The scheme of work is not too complicated, but the process requires attention, accuracy and patience. But the finished product is extremely effective and creates a bright, joyful and festive mood in any room.

    Necessary materials for volumetric snowflakes

    • white A4 paper
    • metal ruler
    • sharpened pencil
    • adhesive sticker for paper
    • stationery scissors

    Step-by-step instructions for a simple DIY handmade volumetric snowflake pattern

    1. A white sheet with a ruler and a simple pencil lined on long segments of a width of one centimeter. Then cut with scissors along the lines to end up with about 30 narrow strips.SSR-038
    2. Take one of the strips as a basis, mark on it the conditional center, put three more strips on the cross and glue the points of contact with glue.SSS-039
    3. Add two more strips to the braid and secure with glue.SSR-040
    4. Two corner open ends to join together, glue the edges and slightly press with your fingers, so that they are well grabbed.SSR-041
    5. Then inside, glue the middle strip so that you get a neat petal.SSR-043
    6. Also do the rest of the stripes, and then allow the product to dry very well.SSR-042

    Big and beautiful Christmas snowflakes 2017 do it yourself stage by stage - master class

    It’s not difficult to make big and very beautiful snowflakes out of paper with your own hands, especiallyif you use the technique of the so-called "accordion". In this way, you can create products of any size, up to the very huge work of A2 format.


    Required materials for large paper snowflakes

    • A3 format sheet
    • thread
    • needle
    • scissors
    • stapler

    Step-by-step instruction for a phased master class for making beautiful and large snowflakes by yourself

    1. From a white sheet of A3 format cut a square and fold it with an accordion. The average depth of the fold is 5 centimeters (if desired, it can be both reduced and increased).
    2. In the center of the resulting corrugated base stitch thread. To hold the workpiece well, make several thick wide stitches and carefully fasten the edge.
    3. On the outside of the harmonica to draw a suitable pattern. It can be absolutely anything, as long as the drawing is symmetrical about the middle.
    4. Carefully open the snowflake and fix the edges with a stapler so that the overall shape will look like a circle.

    Beautiful ballerina snowflakes for garlands - do-it-yourself patterns

    Many people can cut New Year's snowflakes out of paper, but not everyone would think of making them in the form of ballerinas, and then strung on a rain and decorate a window in the home canteen at home or a stage in a school assembly hall with this unusual garland.To create an elegant mini-masterpiece you will need white or colored (if desired) paper and a ready-made template of the dancer. And then some clever movements with scissors and voila! Garland is ready and pleases the eye with its spectacular and attractive appearance.

    Required materials for a beautiful snowball-ballerinka

    • white cardboard of high density
    • white cardboard
    • paper (white or colored optional)
    • simple pencil
    • eraser
    • scissors
    • glue
    • compass
    • New Year's rain about 2 meters long
    • Scotch
    • buttons

    Step-by-step instruction to the master class for making your own snowflakes on a template

    1. On a sheet of tight white cardboard sketch dancer, who closed his arms over his head in a semicircle and carefully cut the figure with scissors. This is a template for future ballerinas.
    2. Attach the template to a thin cardboard sheet and cut out the required number of figures. There may be 20 of them, if you want to make a very lush garland or 10-15 - for more rare stringing.
    3. To make a ballet costume - a beautiful openwork tutu-skirt - on a white sheet with a compass draw a circle. Its size depends on your desire.If you take a small diameter, the skirt will be very short, and if it is large, the ballerina will have a real ballroom outfit.
    4. Gently cut the circle and fold it three times in half. On the outside of the resulting sector to draw any suitable pattern, and then cut it along the contour with scissors.
    5. Unfold the skirt and gently smoothen it. In the center of the circle, cut a small hole and thread into it a ballerina's cardboard figure, made using a pattern with your own hands.
    6. With the help of scotch tape, fasten the dress of the dancer's waist so that it does not fall down.
    7. When all the ballerina's snowflakes are dressed, take a string of rain and thread it through the handles of the dancers closed above their heads. To prevent the figures from dangling, carefully attach them to the rain with a small piece of scotch.
    8. With clerical buttons, attach the garland to the place to be decorated.

    DIY Christmas paper snowflake for children 7 years old - master class


    Children love holidays, and the New Year in particular. But if the preschool children mostly concentrate on gifts and sweets, then children from 7 already want to take an active part in preparation of solemn events along with parents and teachers.Of course, the guys of this age cannot cope with too serious tasks, but they will be able to make simple winter decorations. Quite calmly, first-graders can be instructed to make beautiful and airy Christmas snowflakes from paper. This process is very simple and children can easily master it themselves. Well, if any small difficulties arise, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, or class teachers will definitely come to the rescue and help the little creators of the beautiful complete their first masterpiece.

    Necessary materials for a children's snowflake for New year

    • colored paper
    • scissors
    • cardboard
    • office glue
    • simple pencil
    • ruler
    • paints
    • sparkles
    • strong thread (ribbon, string, rope, etc.)

    Step-by-step instruction for a children's master class to make a beautiful snowflake

    1. From the colored sheet, cut out three strips of the same length, 7 centimeters wide.
    2. Fold each neat accordion with a step depth of 1 centimeter and decorate with a beautiful openwork tenderloin.
    3. Then the strips should be slightly straightened and glued together with a glue in a single ring.Carefully press the joints with your fingers so that the structure does not fall apart.
    4. Turn the resulting ring out with the cut side out, connect the inner part to the socket and glue it very well. As a result, the base for the snowflake should take the form of a circle with a small empty center.
    5. From a white sheet cut a thin, lace snowflake about two times smaller in diameter than the color base.
    6. For the face, cut a small circle out of cardboard. Light-beige paint to make it a kind of frame along the entire edge, and inside to draw eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, ruddy cheeks and leave the picture for a while to paint dry.
    7. From a blue sheet cut hairstyle for a snowflake and stick it to the cardboard face on top.
    8. On a carved blue base, first glue an open white white snowflake, and then a rosy face. Wait until the work is “grabbed” and becomes whole, then decorate with sparkles (rain, stones, semi-beads to your own taste).
    9. Thread a strong thread through the central upper ray of the snowflake and make a loop. Hang a Christmas item on a door, window or wall indoors.

    New Year's volume DIY paper snowflake - master class


    This interesting and informative master class tells in all details how to make with your hands a stunningly beautiful, elegant and elegant Christmas decoration - a luxurious volumetric snowflake. The finished work is very effective and looks extremely attractive and airy. Such delightful products can decorate school classes, children's rooms and any other premises in which it is planned to hold thematic festive events and winter celebrations.

    Necessary materials for a three-dimensional Christmas snowflake

    • A4 sheets - 6 pcs
    • ruler
    • simple pencil
    • stapler
    • scissors

    Step-by-step instruction for a master class on making their own Christmas snowflakes

    1. A white sheet of A4 format should be folded so that an acute angle is formed.SSR-002
    2. Immediately below the edge of the fold, draw a straight strip under the ruler and cut off all unnecessary scissors along it to make the rectangle a square.SSR-003
    3. Add an isosceles triangle from a square workpiece. Along the side faces at a distance of 2.5-3 centimeters from each other draw a few straight lines.SSR-004
    4. Then, along the lines drawn, make neat cuts, not reaching the middle of about 1.5-2 centimeters. When all necessary cuts are made, carefully open the triangle and straighten it.SSR-005
    5. Then take the smallest inner square by the edges formed after the cuts, connect them and fasten with a stapler so that they do not disintegrate.SSR-006
    6. Turn the blank over to the other side and fix the edges of the second square in the same way.SSR-010
    7. Turn the base until all the corners are fixed. This is the first petal of a future snowflake, and thus the remaining five sheets must be processed.SSR-013
    8. Fasten all the finished snowflake petals together with a stapler in two places - from the bottom, where the sharp edges stick out, and along the center of the side edge.SSR-015
    9. As a result, you should get a big and beautiful volumetric Christmas snowflake.

    Christmas snowflake 2017 do it yourself - how to cut it out of paper schemes

    The easiest and fastest way to make a New Year snowflake with your own hands is to cut it out of paper, following the instructions of the already prepared scheme. The four-pointed product is considered the simplest, however, and its production can be approached out of the ordinary, brightly and with imagination.For work you need colored sheets of medium density, designed for printer printing. First, you need to cut a square out of a rectangle, fold it diagonally three times, and then apply the pattern you like on the blank and carefully cut it along the contour line with scissors. The whole effect of the work is that smooth, rounded shapes are harmoniously combined with thin, pointed rays, symbolizing the flames.

    SSR-036 4

    For a five-pointed snowflake, the sheet will have to be folded not diagonally, but horizontally in half, then again in half along the long side and at the end bend. Then the lower left corner of the rectangle is connected to the middle of the upper edge of the workpiece, where there is already one fold. The lower oblique part is bent up and clearly aligned with the diagonal fold on the left side. Then the workpiece is turned over and the double-layered triangle bends down to the nearest edge. It remains to cut the sticking surplus with scissors, draw the necessary pattern and cut it in a figure along the contour of the pencil. If you want the snowflake to turn out more delicate and ornate, it is recommended to start the scissors as deep as possible without intersecting the common middle base.

    SSR-031 5

    The six-pointed snowflake is among the most popular home-made New Year decorations and for it there is the largest variety of original and unusual patterns. The main blank for it is made on the principle of origami snowflakes, then a drawing is applied on top and carefully cut with scissors.

    SSR-035 6

    Seven-point snowflake is created on the principle of five-pointed, only at the end of the workpiece is added one more additional time.

    SSR-033 7


    For the eight-pointed New Year's decoration, the folding scheme of a six-pointed snowflake is suitable, but before applying the pattern, the blank is bent again in half.

    SSR-034 8

    New Year snowflake origami from paper with your hands - a turn-based master class and video


    Origami is the ancient Chinese art of creating beautiful, elegant and unusual handicrafts out of paper. Every year the equipment is becoming more and more popular, and it is with great pleasure that both adults and children master it. There are no particular difficulties in the process of creating paper mini-masterpieces, but those who only recently began to learn the principles and rules of origami should use step-by-step instructions with photos or have a video clip at hand that describes in detail all the necessary steps.

    This master class tells how to make a paper six-pointed snowflake with your own hands for the New Year. The lesson describes how to prepare a base for a snowflake and how to cut it out of paper correctly. The material is very accessible and even for children it will be easy to make a spectacular origami by following the tips and tricks of the lesson presented below.

    Necessary materials for a Christmas snowflake origami

    • white office paper A4 size
    • simple pencil
    • scissors
    • ruler

    Step-by-step instruction for a master class on making your own hands snowflakes using origami technique

    1. From a sheet of A4 format, cut a square with scissors, bend it diagonally to form a triangle.SSR-020
    2. Fold in half again.SSR-021
    3. Using a simple pencil and a ruler to divide the lower base of the created triangle into three equal parts.SSR-022
    4. First bend to the mark the right angle of the triangle and fix the bend area.SSR-023
    5. Then just fold the left corner.SSR-024
    6. Turn the workpiece with the other side and cut off the extra edges.SSR-025
    7. A simple pencil to sketch the desired pattern on the prepared basis.SSR-026
    8. Then along the contour gently cut the pattern with scissors.SSR-027
    9. The ready snowflake should be neatly spread out and fastened with glue to the window, wall or door of the room.

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