• Owl Pendant

    Once I decided to weave a pendant in the shape of an Owl. We will need: A ring with a diameter of 1 cm (purchased in a construction magalin), 5 meters of synthetic cord with a diameter of 1-2 mm or a half-wrap (you can have a waxed cord) , 14 pieces of yellow beads, 8 pieces of blue crystal beads, 10 orange beads of medium size, 1 orange bead with a diameter of 5mm, 2 orange translucent beads with a diameter of 8mm, 1 metal blue beads, 2 blue flat beads.
     Owl Pendant
    Pendant Owl
    1. We will take 10 pieces of 50cm, fold it twice and attach it to the ring. Let's make two flat nodes in the middle:
     Pendant Owl
    2. We form a diagonal knot on the left, tying double knots on the left thread:
    Pendant Owl 3. In the same way, we form a diagonal knot on the right and put the yellow bead on the two middle threads, crosswise - this will be the bird's nose:
     Owl Pendant
    4. We start to form a diagonal knot from the middle: we tie three double knots on the middle left thread, and then we put an orange bead on the next four threads - the owl's eye and we tie five more double knots on them :
     Pendant Owl
    5. Now we string seven large yellow beads on a cord and tie a double knot and alternately five orange beads and four blue crystal-like ones:
    Kul he Owl
    6. Form another row of diagonal nodes left and right, that's what happened:
     Owl Pendant

    7. Now that the bird's muzzle is formed, let's move on to the owl's body. To do this, take the middle left thread and start tying knots around the two threads from right to left:
     Pendant Owl
    8. We knot knots in this way from right to left, and knit the last knot around the three remaining threads:
     Pendant Owl
    9. In the same way, we form nodes from left to right:
     Pendant Owl
    10. Thus we weave 3 rows of knots on the left and on the right, without interlacing the threads in the center.After the three rows are woven, we twist the central threads and start a series of diagonal knots from the center: Pendant Owl
    11. After two rows of diagonal gaps are formed, we put on a blue cylindrical bead:  Pendant Owl
    12. Then we weave four flat knots with extreme threads and dress two flat oval blue beads - these are owl's paws.

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