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    The name of the tender and small flower “Zephyranthes”, although consonant with well-known sweets, has nothing to do with them. In fact, his name comes from two ancient Greek concepts: “zephyr” was the name of the God of the West Wind, and “anthos”, which in translation means a flower. Its homeland is South America. It is there, in the rainy season and the westerly winds, that these small plants appear, reaching for cool freshness. Since they bloom very rapidly after heavy rains, they were called "upstarts" or "rain lilies."

    Who are you upstart?

    Sometimes zefirantes are confused with domestic species of crocus or narcissus. In fact, this flower belongs to the family of Amaryllis and has about 40 species. It has a long juicy stem in the form of an arrow, on which narrow, long (up to 30 cm) leaves and single flowers are attached.

    Most popular types

    Gardeners gladly planted this plant on their plots, because with all its visual appeal, it does not require special care.

    1. Candida, he's white. Its homeland is Chile and Paraguay, also distributed in Argentina.Its name was due to the snow-white color of the petals. He loves the heat and blooms from July to October. Has thin sheets, similar to onion feathers.
    2. Grandiflora is the largest of all species. Easily tolerates any vagaries of weather and blooms more often than others. Its flowers have a rich pink color and bright orange stamens. The flowering period falls on April-May.
    3. Aurea (golden). This is an amazingly beautiful yellow cone-shaped flowers that begin their bloom in December. They love cool rooms, can grow in the open field under the condition of a warm climate, and often appear in gardening shops called “water lily”.

    How to care?

    Growing "upstart" in room conditions is not difficult. One has only to heed the advice of experienced gardeners and flower lovers.

    1. A place. This is the first thing to look out for. It will depend on the particular species, but in general, zephyranthes need a well-lit place where the sun will warm it in the morning. The lack of lighting can lead to the lack of peduncles. It is best to put a flower pot on the south or east side, and when it gets warmer outside, you can safely put it on the balcony.
    2. Temperature.There are no special requirements here, but it is better that it does not exceed 27 degrees in the summertime, and in winter, when the plant is at rest, it does not fall below +12 degrees.
    3. Watering. In the period of active flowering marshmallows requires regular hydration. For this it is better to use separated water with a temperature of at least 30 degrees. In conditions of extremely low air humidity, it is necessary to spray from the spray gun. In winter, the number of watering must be reduced, producing them as the land dries out.
    4. Priming. The soil must be loose and contain a sufficient amount of nutrients. To do this, you can pre-fertilize it with a mixture based on phosphorus. An excellent option would be the soil of sod and humus. During the flowering period, you need to feed the plant 2 times a month with mineral fertilizers.
    5. Reproduction. After the "upstart" goes into a period of rest, you can not touch it. Already in the spring, before flowering begins, it is necessary to carefully separate the new small onions from the main one and plant them in separate pots of several pieces. And next year you will be able to admire new flowers at home.
    6. Transfer.You can do it every year during the rest period of zephyranthes. 2-3 bulbs are planted in a larger pot. Planting should be done in such a way that the heads of the bulbs can be seen from the ground. Do not forget that the plant needs air circulation, so buy pots with holes in the bottom or do them yourself.


    Zefirantes can be planted in a pot or in an open area in the garden. But, despite all its unpretentiousness, you should carefully take care of the plant, so as not to spoil the pests. Their most common species is the whitefly, aphid and scythe.

    If you notice them, you should immediately begin to save the flower. To begin with, spray it with laundry soap diluted in water, then use chemical pest control products: Actellic or insecticides.

    Zephyrantes, in addition to external beauty, also has healing properties. In medicine, it is used to treat abscesses, diabetes, tuberculosis, and even with the common cold. This small flower is able to give people joy and bring real benefits.

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