• Is GOST valid?

    Alena Tikhonova
    Alena Tikhonova
    January 10, 2013
    Is GOST valid?

    Indicated in the GOST document, and the year of its introduction makes you wonder whether GOST is valid? Check the relevance of the state standard on the site "".

    In the catalog of standards you need to create a query. To do this, simply fill in one or more of the suggested lines. Assume that only the designation (number) of the GOST or the ACS code is known. Enter, fill in the captcha at the bottom of the request, click search. There are search results for your search - names and numbers. We choose the GOST that we need, click on the name. In the table that appears we see the date of introduction of the GOST, the date of cancellation. If the date of cancellation is absent, then GOST is valid. If the guest has been replaced, this information is also displayed in the table. In this case, you need to look for information on the new GOST. It happens that by your request information is not found, this means that GOST is no longer valid.

    Below, to the right of the query generation table, there is a "Help" button. Clicking on it, you will learn how all the subtleties of the formation of the request.

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