• Does Jeff exist?

    Olga Kravchenko
    Olga Kravchenko
    May 6, 2015
    Does Jeff exist?

    Around 2008, the internet was flooded with scary stories about killer Jeff. According to them, an American teenager named Jeffrey Woods was very unstable psyche and loved to hurt people. Once at a party, he was a participant in a fight, as a result of which his face was doused with alcohol and set on fire. Seeing the terrible burns on his face, Jeff lost his mind and with a knife cut his mouth to always smile, and also burned his eyelids.

    After that, he killed his family and disappeared. Since then, he has committed brutal murders, and stories about them appear on the Internet.

    The question of whether Jeff really exists concerns many people. On this occasion, there are serious disputes in the network. There is evidence that a boy with a similar story really existed. Perhaps it was he who served as the prototype for Jeff the killer. But there is no data that would indicate the credibility of rumors about the serial brutal murders of Jeff.

    As a creepy-pasta character, Jeff is very popular.There are whole clubs of his fans, stories are written about him, fan-art is made, his images are printed on T-shirts. A ritual even came up to summon Jeff. All of this suggests that Jeff is a successful advertising move, a modern horror story, loved by the Internet community, and not a person existing in reality.

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