• Is there Nibiru?

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    February 18, 2013
    Is there Nibiru?

    This strange space object was known at the time of the Sumerian civilization. Nibiru was not called “ghost planet”, “planet of the devil”, “X-planet”. So does Nibiru really exist or is it a figment of the imagination of our distant ancestors?

    What do ancient prophecies say

    The planet Nibiru is spoken of in the prophecies of the astrologers of the Egyptian pharaohs, the Mayan priests and the ancient Sumerians. Everywhere it is called a “red star” and its approach to the Earth, with an approximate frequency once every 3,600 years, promises unprecedented cataclysms (earthquakes, floods, severe droughts), which in one way or another influence the course and development of human civilization. In ancient legends, Nibiru is a planet carrying innumerable evils to the Earth, described as “brilliant and radiant,” and our distant ancestors considered it a ship on which the gods lived.

    What scientists say

    The problem of whether the planet Nibiru exists was resolved in 1983. The fact is that this year it was indeed discovered with the help of powerful telescopes by American scientists Richard Harrington and Thomas Van Flanders.They noted that the planet rotates in a highly elongated elliptical orbit, the distance from Nibiru to the Sun is approximately 14 billion kilometers, and its mass exceeds the mass of the Earth from 2 to 5 times.

    According to the American writer and scholar Alan Elford, there is a highly developed civilization on Nibiru for almost 300 thousand years. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who has been on the Moon, who claims that aliens exist, echoes him.

    Scientists suggest that the "X-Planet" will adversely affect the Earth in the second half of 2013. During this period, our planet will just pass between the Sun and Nibiru, therefore a global cataclysm is not excluded.

    And the last. The very parameters of the motion of this planet amaze astronomers so much that many of them are beginning to consider it a gigantic space ship, which is driven by aliens from a distant galaxy.

    What to believe, and what is not - you decide!

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