• Drawing a daffodil

    Narcissus is a beautiful flower; it belongs to the Amaryllis family. This type of grass has leaves of different widths, rather dense bulb and beautiful flowers. How to draw this delicate flower? Easily! Below is a lesson that can be on the shoulder even for a child, because you can only draw a daffodil in seven steps! In addition, we do not need to draw any auxiliary lines, which then have to be erased. We can do it without them.
    We draw a daffodil
    So, let's start drawing a narcissus. To begin with, draw a wavy closed line with strong bends. Here is the first step and finished.
    Draw a daffodil
    Now draw a bell-shaped crown in the center.
    We draw a daffodil
    So, it was the turn of wide leaves which are located behind our flower. Draw them.
     We draw a narcissus
    Now the fourth step is very easy - draw axial strokes on the leaveslines.
    Drawing narcissus
    Drew? Great, move on to the next step. Draw a stem, then long leaves on it.
     We draw a daffodil
    The flower is ready, circle the outline of the daffodil as you like. To do this, you can use pencils, felt-tip pens, pens, in general, whatever!
     We draw a daffodil
    As you already understood, the last, namely, the seventh step consists of the most pleasant - the daffodil need to paint. Here you can also show imagination and color your drawing at your own discretion!
     Draw a daffodil

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