• Dream Interpretation: dream peas

    Such a prosaic thing as peas in interpreters of dreams has a broad interpretation. Much depends on how he dreams - green, dry, in pods or even canned. It is equally important what exactly you did with the peas in your dream.

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    What dreams of peas in a dream?
    What dreams of peas in a dream?

    Dream Miller

    If in a dream you ate peas - it promises you health and increase your income. For people engaged in agriculture, this dream foreshadows a large amount of work.

    Sowed peas in a dream - your hopes and dreams are not unfounded and will surely come true. Almost the same foreshadows canned peas seen in a dream, but with a slight nuance: for a while your plans will be in jeopardy, but the result will be positive.

    You saw dried peas — excessive fatigue will soon overwhelm you, you have eaten it — after a succession of luck, you will be visited by insults and disappointments.

    Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

    If in a dream you scattered peas, it’s you who are to blame for the quarrel with your loved one.If you dreamed that you were breaking the pea pods, this indicates a desire to get pleasure, without giving anything in return and without exerting any effort.

    The dream of the witch Medea

    To dream of peas - a sign of abundance or upcoming hassle. Peas in pods - to the joy and prosperity. If the peas are dry, all your worries and numerous efforts will be rewarded.

    If you dreamed that you are cooking or eating peas - be prepared for grief and material difficulties.

    Dream Interpretation from A to Z

    Dreamed of pea porridge - soon you will be so tired that you will ask for unpaid leave from work. You are treating someone with pea soup - you will be offended by someone's disdain.

    In a dream, cooked food from dry peas - you will regret something. Eat dry peas - you will be indiscriminately accused of an ugly act.

    Collect peas in a dream - everything you have planned will come true. If you dream that you are caring for growing peas, watering it, removing weeds - you will successfully engage in business activities.

    Peas are scattered - at work you will succeed, and at home peace and prosperity will reign.

    Spring dream book

    If you dreamed that you were cooking pea soup, there would be confusion and unforeseen difficulties in business. Plant peas - tears, chagrin; eat peas - for possible diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Old Russian dream book

    A pea seen in a dream predicts tears. If in a dream you eat well-cooked peas, which seem tasty - glory awaits you. If in a dream your meal consists of raw peas - quarrel with someone from friends or neighbors.

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