• Dream path

    Sleep, where they saw the path, means the presence of competition, which will be difficult to get rid of. If the trail is straightforward. And it is easy to go through it because it is wide, you can hope for your own victory, but the tests for your share will be hard. Would you like to find a path? Your plans will not come true, since you do not follow all the steps to accomplish your goal.

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    Sleep path
    Sleep path

    Children's dream book

    Perhaps there was a solution to the problem, which you previously did not suspect. The path in the field - troubles relate to everyday life. The path is found in the forest - there will be serious changes in life. As a result, not only a certain goal will be achieved or lost, but also self-conceit, the character of the dreamer may change. You see the path, located on the edge of the abyss - got involved in a dangerous adventure, for the solution of which sharpness and luck are necessary.

    Female dream book

    Walking along the path, on which there are many beautiful flowers and other plants - you will be able to free yourself from relationships that you are very tired of.To dream of a narrow path, to stumble over stones - a series of little troubles awaits you. From them, your character can deteriorate, so you should keep yourself in hand. Can't find a path? The work you have done will end negatively. You will not be able to get a decent reward, although this will not be your fault.

    Dream interpretation by Miller

    You move along an inconvenient path filled with stones or other rubbish - your troubles will be too strong, from which you change your behavior to more irritable, you can show anger towards others. You are trying to find a path, but you are not able to do it - the completion of a long work, on which you tried, will not bring success or reward, since your labors will not be appreciated. The result may deteriorate due to external circumstances.

    I had to walk along the path that was planted around with flowers and other beautiful plants - do not be afraid to part with your annoying partner. Fate will give you the chance to do it as painlessly as possible. Be open to new relationships, then luck will definitely go to your side.

    Depending on the appearance of the trail, its evenness and convenience for walking, you can walk along the path in a dream with a different attitude. It is usually combined with the rest of the concept of sleep. If you have a positive impression of a dream, you should expect good news and not worry about anything.

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