• Economical: Megan Markle uses the cream for $ 5

    The duchess's make-up artist said that she did not need to use a highlighter to make her skin shine.

    A couple of months everyone was discussing that the newly made Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle was spending money on a royal scale. The former actress chose outfits only of famous fashion houses, and did not even look at democratic brands, unlike Kate Middleton. It would seem that she chooses cosmetics by the same principle as dresses: the more expensive the better. However, Megan is not averse to using quite cheap creams.

    The other day beauty expert and makeup artist Daniel Martin, who did the wedding makeup for Markle in May, said in an interview with the E! News about the remedy the duchess loves.

    Photo: Getty Images

    “In many ways, I create the glow effect with the help of facial skin care products,” said Daniel. Instead of buying up-to-date highlighters, the make-up artist suggests using face cream.

    It turns out that the face was healthy and radiant,Makeup artist of the duchess recommended her to use the usual Aquaphor cream for $ 5. That is the secret of her perfect skin.

    Earlier in the network discussed that Megan uses Nivea body lotion, which, by the way, is quite inexpensive. In one of her interviews, she said that she buys this lotion every time she sees in a store.

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