• Elf cat: appearance, character and care

    Elf cat is one of the youngest and rarest breeds. She is remarkable for its unusual appearance and appeasable character. Caring for a pet is easy and easy.

    Features of the cat breed elf

    Elf breed appeared as a result of purposeful crossing of sphinxes and American Curls. The breed was officially bred in the USA in 2006.

    cat elf
    Sphynx is the progenitor of the cat elf.
    Photo: Getty

    The appearance of the cat is unusual and memorable. This breed is characterized by:

    • weight - 6-7 kg;
    • lack of wool on the body;
    • wedge-shaped head;
    • nose bridge smooth and wide;
    • body lean and muscular;
    • belly convex and voluminous;
    • sternum volume;
    • the neck is long with a bend;
    • hoisted round and long;
    • tail is thin;
    • the ears are large and widely spaced;
    • the tips of the ears are curved back;
    • the eyes are large almond-shaped.

    On the tail and paws allowed a small amount of wool. Elf cats as in a photo with a sphinx have small folds on the forehead and all over the body. To the touch the skin of cats is always hot.

    The standard does not introduce restrictions on the color of cats. However, traditionally they have a beige-gray skin color with spots. Eyes can also be different colors: green, blue, hazel.

    The average life expectancy of animals is 13–15 years.

    Character cat elf

    Pets require special attention and do not like to be alone. They get along with other cats and dogs. Friendly towards children. Adult cat is not too active. She prefers to bask in the sun or lie down and watch the owner. In moments of joy, she can even wag her tail, like a dog. In addition, elves are extremely intelligent, observant and patient.

    Cats are very clean. Even kittens in a couple of days are easily accustomed to the toilet tray.

    With improper feeding on the skin appears brown sticky plaque, which has a specific smell. Feed the elf specially designed for naked cats food.

    Since the elves have no wool, they do not control their heat exchange. Therefore, in winter they need warm clothes. For the same reason, for a dream, equip an elf with a cozy warm sunbed. Do not bathe the cat too often, so as not to disrupt the activity of the sebaceous glands. Enough to arrange a bath day 1 time per week.Regularly inspect the folds of the skin, the inner and outer part of the ear and, if necessary, clean them.

    At the beginning, an elf will draw attention with her appearance, and then conquer you with her devotion and boundless love.

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