• Enrique Iglesias portrays a whale in the pool

    Famous parents demonstrate their love for children in different ways. Someone, like Kylie Jenner, is ready to rob a shoe store (the young mother has already gathered for Stormy, a five-month-old baby, an entire collection of shoes with a total value of $ 22,000!). Someone, like Jennifer Lopez, is ready to schedule meetings with publishers all day long to publish his 10-year-old daughter's debut novel (yes, Emmy could make a famous writer!).

    Enrique Iglesias went even further. For the sake of 6-month-old twins, the sex symbol interrupted the world tour and turned into a whale! Video, as he, along with his daughter Lucy frolics in the pool, collected about 2 million likes! “I wish I had such a dad!”, “Enrique, adopt me,” the subscribers write. Enrique himself admits that he loves his children more than anything else and is very proud that he finally felt the joy of fatherhood. But to the question of how he copes with two at once, the happy father always answers: “Why are you asking me about this? Ask Anna, that's who the real vanderwuman is in our family. ”

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