• Ex-wife Kerzhakova may never see his son

    The football player plans to transport the entire family to Switzerland, where he has been living since January under a football contract.

    The family drama of Alexander Kerzhakov and the mother of his child, Ekaterina Safronova, has been actively discussed in the press for more than two years. On the eve of the network appeared the correspondence of a 33-year-old football player, which, according to rumors, was acquired from hackers by one of the Internet users for 18 thousand dollars. In addition to talking about expensive yachts, cars and girls from escort services, in his letters the athlete repeatedly mentions the former common-law wife and the “war” that began when he forbade her to see her son.

    Photo: Catherine Safronova’s personal archive

    However, now the attempts of 28-year-old Ekaterina Safronova to return to the life of two-year-old Igor are likely to be in vain - Kerzhakov soon transports the family to Zurich. In Switzerland, a football player has been training for more than a month on the basis of the local club, where he was invited on loan.To see a smiling son, his own mother can only in photographs.

    “I am unbearably tired of this endless war,” Safronova admits. - For me, this is a big tragedy that I find it hard to talk about. Understand, I really miss my son, I really want to see him ... The team of Kati Gordon will continue all the necessary actions to achieve justice. I ask you not to take the son away and give me a quiet birth. ”

    Recall that in August last year it became known that the former bride Kerzhakov was expecting a child. While the young mother is preparing for the birth of the third baby (Safronov brings up a daughter from marriage with hockey player Kirill Safronov. - Approx. Woman’s Day), her friend and defender Ekaterina Gordon does not give up, trying to win back the unhappy mother to take care of her son. However, even a journalist who is not accustomed to surrender fears: the move of a football player can put a dot in their favor.

    “Alas, this is check and checkmate. If a downed domestic football pilot really transports the child to Switzerland, then Katya’s struggle is in vain, ”says Ekaterina Gordon, owner of the Agency for Optimal Legal Decisions.- We filed an appeal and take all the necessary legal steps, but even removing the restriction and determining the order of communication, physically seeing the son, if he is in Zurich, will become almost impossible. I have this whole story, except for regret and disgust, does not cause anything. And Kerzhakov with Tulipova, PR of children's funds, could read the literature and understand that a child excommunicated at an early age from the mother, alas, will forever be inferior. At the moment, Igor is in St. Petersburg, and his father is in Switzerland. In fact, the son now has no connection with either mom or dad. ”

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