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Some very famous men have turned to the bottle during their careers. ‘s coveted surfer mane was a result of the bottle – the . But it was far from naturally sun-kissed, bottle-blond rather. Adam Levine went golden too, rivalling a boyish bleached blond by the already-fair Ryan Gosling.

Bleached hair has certainly had celebrity trend moments. And it’s back – à la Jared Leto, Justin Bieber’s undercut do and model-of-the-moment, Lucky Blue Smith.

But bleaching takes guts. Once the peroxide is on, shaving your head or cutting the bleached hair off is really the only way to returnau naturel. And if you like the new found fun as a platinum blonde? Terms such as ‘brassy’ and ‘roots’ could take you down – hard and fast.

To get you bleach-ready this season, we’ve curated 50 ice cool ways to rock bleached hair. Then, read on for some easy tips and tricks to see if you’re up for the challenge.

Simple Things To Consider

Skin Tone

Super fair skin tones look washed out with bleached hair and blonder hair will highlight things like acne and scars so if you’re pale or have face blemishes that you’re insecure about, don’t bleach.

Hair Density

Bleach does coat the hair follicle making it feel thicker. But if you’re thinning in the hair department, bleach increases the chances of breakage and could lead to some hair falling out. Balding or trying to grow your hair out? No bleach, please.

Hair Colour

Dark brown or black will more likely need more than one bleach process. And you’re more at risk of turning out orange or brassy instead of platinum. Natural blonds will naturally have an easier time with the bleach. Sorry guys who are rocking the afro.

Anti-Bleach Areas

You bleachhair, not your eyebrows or beard. Going bleached, means going bold so there’s no need to conceal the fact that your hair is not natural, obvs. The contrast hair-to-brow colour will give an exotic edge too and add some light and shade to your face.

Seek Professionals

Once decided, hunt down a bleach hair professional. Do research on a salon that does blond hair well – on men too. Not only will a hair colourist apply, tone and style bleached hair well, the pros can give guidance for maintaining the blond.

Basic Blond Tools

Purple shampoo counteracts the hair’s ability to go orange or brassy so use in moderation with a normal shampoo. Use a hair treatment conditioner after washing too, to replenish the moisture zapped out by the bleach – to reduce the risk of the hair looking fuzz and fried.

All Bleached Out

Not happy with the platinum look? Or seeking a change? A buzzcut is pretty much the only way to get rid of your newly bleached hair. We don’t recommend growing it out, sir ombré. So be certain you’re up for the distinct bleached look. Once it’s on, your natural hair colour is done for.

Final Word

Bleached hair is hard work. It’s hard to get right. And once youdo have that perfect platinum shade, you’ll need to invest time in styling it – and some money in products – maintaining the white tone and moisturised health of the hair.

But – like most things that are hard to attain and uncommon (riches and abs) – you’ll stand out like a hair god. Platinum is a high value metal in the jewellery market and now your hair can be the same.

Above all else? Seek professional help. There’s absolutely no shame in that.

Expert Opinion – Sam Overton

“Bleached hair on a dude? It’s a tough one to rock and you not only need to be confident to pull it off, you need to go to a good hairdresser! When bleaching your hair, the tone is so important. It should compliment skin tone and eye colour, or be the total opposite for a  real statement.

Personally, I think this colour works best for short hair. Bleach adds texture to the hair and being shorter, it’s easy to style. Lastly, you need a good shampoo, conditioner and to apply a treatment at least once a week. When you bleach hair, you strip all the colour and hair can become dry. Replacing the lipid content in your hair is vital  and reapplying moisture.

“This is important so not to damage your hair. Also, when getting to roots done again go to a good hairdresser.

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