• Famous women who have never been married

    As a rule, celebrities do not manage to hide their personal lives from persistent paparazzi and journalists. And it is of interest to ordinary people, because many stars are very loving and not afraid to get married. But some famous women have never been married.

    So, the list of women who have never married:

    1. Kylie Minoguevery romantic and loving, as she says herself, but she is attracted to men with a complex character, so she hasn’t yet managed to find happiness in her personal life. First love ended tragically (the lover committed suicide), and Kylie for a long time could not recover, but then decided to start a new life. However, she has not yet created a family.
    2. Winona ridermet with such famous and talented men as Matt Damon and Johnny Depp, but in one of the interviews she stated that it would be better not to get married at all, than to get divorced, since for sure you will not be able to bear it.
    3. Naomi Campbell. Her first love was a dancer, but that relationship ended. Naomi was noticed with many men, and not so long ago she broke up with the Russian businessman Doronin, with whom she almost tied off the knot.
    4. Kristin Davis. Although in the series "Sex and the City", in which the actress played one of the main roles, she wore a wedding dress twice, in real life it was not possible to try it on. Meanwhile, Christine is very loving and amorous, she regularly changes men and has already managed to conquer the hearts of Nick Leone, Alec Baldwin, David Duchovny and other equally famous male celebrities.
    5. Charlize Theron. Surprisingly, this beautiful and sexy woman, who made a breathtaking career in the cinema, also never tied the knot, although she broke a lot of hearts. Moreover, in the personal life of the actress were long and serious relationship: she met nine years with Stuart Townsend. He gave his beloved a ring in honor of strong feelings and considered her to be his wife, but the union was not officially registered. This pair was considered by many to be one of the strongest, but in the end it broke up.Later, a celebrity met with Sean Penn, but this relationship was not long. Teron has no biological children, but not so long ago she became a foster mother of black girls and boys.
    6. Helena Bonham Carter- A real muse of a famous Hollywood director and his common-law wife. But this couple did not legitimize their relationship, although the union was quite fruitful and led to the appearance of two children. But after thirteen years of family life, the film genius and his muse parted.
    7. Jennifer Coolidge. This actress, known to many for the role of Stifler’s attractive mother in the comedy “American Pie,” also never married and was in full-fledged relations only once (her choice was Chris Katan).
    8. Lucy Lew. This gorgeous Asian-looking actress was credited with a wide variety of romance novels, but they were all frivolous and did not end with a wedding. Probably, Lucy does not need a partner, because not so long ago she had a child born by a surrogate mother.
    9. Coco Chanel. Although she was a true icon of style and a symbol of an entire epoch, she could not become a happy wife and mother, despite the fact that she conquered many hearts.
    10. Rachel mcadams. In the movie she gets the role of romantic and often happy heroines, but in real life, everything is different. She met with Ryan Gosling, Josh Lucas and Michael Sheen, but never put on an engagement ring. And so far Rachel has not met her "prince".
    11. Queen latifa- model, actress, singer, who not only did not marry, but she was not in serious relationship either. Only some short novels and fleeting passions are noticed.
    12. Nicole Scherzingerquite a long time met with Lewis Hamilton (this is a famous racer), but, unfortunately, a year ago the strong pair seemed to fall apart. As Nicole herself explained, she was tired for eight years to expect from the beloved proposal of the hand and heart, so that, in fact, the cause of the gap was Lewis' indecision or his unwillingness to burden himself with marriage.
    13. Oprah Winfrey. Although this self-sufficient woman has been in a relationship with Stadman Graham for more than twenty years, she recently stated that she had never been married and was not going to marry. Children have Oprah after the death of the first child is not.
    14. Mireille Mathieu- This is a kind of visiting card of France and the pride of this country.And, probably, it was precisely this responsibility that prevented the singer from becoming happy in her personal life and finding true female happiness.
    15. Eva Mendezhas two daughters from actor Ryan Gosling and is currently in a relationship with the father of their children, but the couple is not in a hurry to legalize their union. Probably, these two and so everything suits, because, in the end, what will change the rings and seals in the passports?
    16. Milen farmer. This red beast has repeatedly admitted that she loves loneliness, so you should not expect a wedding from her. A successful singer never wanted children, which she explicitly stated to her men, who, by the way, had a lot. The longest and most serious relationship lasted 10 years, but in the end, Laurent Button, whom Milen may have loved, bored her, and she set off to meet new adventures and emotions.
    17. Jacqueline Bisset. In her filmography, more than 80 paintings, she was also quite a famous model. But the career was much more successful than personal life, because, despite the many novels, the actress could not find her only man and experience the happiness of motherhood.
    18. Patricia Kaas. The novels of this Frenchwoman have always been actively discussed, but she herself once admitted that journalists do not even know how many lovers she really had.In the early 2000s, Patricia became disillusioned with men after a difficult parting with Philip Bergman, with whom she lived for six years. The singer has no children either, which is connected with the mistakes of youth, which led to infertility.
    19. Veronica Castro- The star of the TV series “Wild Rose” and “The Rich Are Crying too” has never been to the altar. The actress herself said that when she faced a choice between personal life and career, she chose the latter. And although Veronica's novels were discussed in the press, and she has a son, she did not enter into marriage.
    20. Tyra BanksI have never married either, because I simply do not see it as necessary. Recently, the former top model began to think about children, but it was not so easy to conceive a child of forty years old, so a surrogate mother endured it.
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