• Fans suspect Hait is secretly married

    It seems that the last bachelor of the Quartet And has already parted with his freedom!

    Olga Ryzhkova, this is the name of the owner of the gold medal in air-sports equilibrium, and in combination the girl Rostislav Khait, who has been intriguing her fans for a week now. There is a ring on the ring finger of the blonde, and not simple, but golden and painfully similar to an engagement ring!

    Olga Ryzhkova and the ring
    Photo: @olli_viya

    Recall that Chait - the only inveterate bachelor of the Quartet I, he was never married. And three years ago, in her native Odessa, at the wedding of her friends, she met a charming girl Olga. Since then, the couple does not part ...

    The first rumors about the wedding of a star couple went even last winter. Then Olga flashed a ring on the ring finger during the VIP-show of the film “Election Day - 2”. Journalists immediately asked the girl about the jewelry, well, very reminiscent of a wedding ring. But Olga answered evasively.

    “This is really a gift of Glory. He gives me jewelry, I give him a watch ... But the wedding! May Glory remain unique. George Clooney is already married. For me, the stamp in the passport is not important, I was already married, and there is nothing interesting there. The main thing is to have a cool relationship, the person was interesting. And the interests coincided. Well, just enjoy life together, which we are now doing with Slava, ”said Khaita’s chosen one (read more HERE).

    But the jokes, and the ring on the ring finger still appeared, and now Olga proudly displays it in her own Instagram microblog.

    A colleague Khaita Maxim Vitorgan played a secret wedding with Ksenia Sobchak. Maybe Slava and Olya did the same? In September, the actor celebrated his 45th birthday.

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