• Fashionable shoes spring 2014

    Fashionable shoes spring 2014Designer fashion shows are left behind, and now we can confidently judge what trends will dominate the spring-summer 2014 season. This applies not only to clothes, but also such important details as shoes and accessories. Today we will talk about the main shoe trends of the next season.


    Each season, the fashion changes its vector, and this year was no exception. Fine art in small steps breaks into the masses, which is certainly reflected in the collections of famous designers. They are inspired by the creativity of suprematist artists: Kandinsky, Suetin, Malevich, etc. In the shoe fashion of this season, graphics, monochrome and abstract drawings appear.


    The variety of shapes and materials is striking: bright colors, graphic prints, plastic and metal tandem. Heel becomes the main focus of the spring-summer collection of fashionable shoes. It acquires completely unimaginable forms: a trapeze, a ball, iron pipes and other futurism. Such models, of course, are more suited to avant-garde fashion and are unlikely to become worn in everyday life. But designers are trying to please everyone.They create less extravagant models for each day.


    Fashionable female shoes for the spring-summer season 2014


    The first thing that fashion designers have bet on is convenience. Most branded collections have flat shoes. This semi-sports style was supported by Topshop Unique, Vivienne Westwood, VeraWong, Calvin Klein, etc. While the masters did not change their mind, we use the opportunity and go without heels. It is still not known when our legs will be able to relax.


    But the most relevant trend of the season, of course, will be wedge shoes with a high platform under the toes. And even the designers who chose a classic heel made it more stable and solid.


    Fashionable shoes spring 2014


    A new shoe hit among the Hollywood stars - sharp-nosed shoes with straps from Valentino. This model has everything - an elegant shape, a fashionable transparent heel, actual straps and rivets. This model has already become a favorite of all star wardrobes.


    Models of women's shoes spring 2014


    Classic - always relevant and does not go out of fashion. In this season, classic boats with sharp noses will be at the peak of popularity. So lovers of retro motifs, rejoice - you are in the topic. Preferred colors: white, black, emerald, yellow.


    Shoes on a flat sole - is presented mainly in the form of flip flops and pointed-toed shoes without heels.And, despite all the claims of orthopedists that wearing such shoes is harmful, designers continue to use this style in their collections.


    Unusual heel - slightly sloping, transparent, irregular shape, in combination with the platform. All these options offer us to wear this spring. Such shoes look unusually stylish and elegant.


    Fashionable shoes spring 2014


    Thick sole - in such sandals defiled almost all models of fashion shows. And no wonder. Without much effort, you can become taller and slimmer. Yes, and feet in them comfortable. It is worth noting that this model is universal - it looks great with any clothing.


    Male style - continue to draw fashion ideas from the men's wardrobe. Varnished men's shoes with laces, sandals and retro shoes are what you can learn from your boyfriend. The main thing is that the size comes up.




    The usual elements of decor - rhinestones, spikes, lace, beads, ribbons, stones - are still popular. However, the designers decided to add new ones - mesh, woven leather, transparent inserts. These decorative details will become real hits of the upcoming spring-summer season.


    Color solutions


    This time, the designers decided that everyone was already rather tired of the nude color and it was worth decorating themselves with less boring colors. For example, orange, purple, aquamarine, pink powder color, red and bright blue. Buying shoes of these shades, you secure a place in the fashionable avant-garde.

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