• Fashionable winter 2014-2015 (16 photos)

    Each woman tries to follow the trends and trends of modern fashion in order to look fashionable, stylish and interesting, you need to be aware of the world's new products and fashion shows, because, in fact, it is all the echoes of the world catwalks that affect what we walk next season.

    Today, fashion is fleeting and constantly changing, but for young and successful women it’s good, because it’s so boring to wear the same skirt or coat for several seasons in a row.

    Choosing for the winter

    World designers and fashion houses work tirelessly for the benefit of the world community. From year to year they present the most amazing and unusual works of art that we, mere mortals, need to understand and accept or remain at a complete bewilderment of the next design tales.

    Strict coat

    Real fashionistas are already interested in what will be fashionable to wear in the winter of 2014-2015, because in order to have time to purchase the most original and interesting designer clothes, you need to know about their existence in advance.

    Beautiful and fashionable

    So, judging by the recent high fashion shows in Milan and New York, the fashion in the upcoming cold season promises to be very non-standard, original and, according to many critics, gloomy.

    They don’t say it, and dark colors are present in almost every detail, many were puzzled, opinions about this decision were rather ambiguous, someone liked combinations of expensive fabrics and various draperies, and exquisite details and décor make even the most skeptical critic admire with their magnificence .

    Chic bow

    But the dark tones and blatant drama, which was used by most famous designers, somewhat disappointed a separate part of the public.

    Fashionable colors, which, in the majority, prevail in the decor of outerwear, dresses, shoes and some accessories, have resulted in the following color range: dark blue, black, brown, lead, gray and dark burgundy. Of course, it was not without bright bursts, for example, creators such as Moschino or Versace diluted such gloomy solutions with light and positive: scarlet, white and azure-blue - the visiting card of the house of Versace in the winter season of 2015.

    Chic Emerald Color

    Moschino is full of juicy and incredibly bright colors: red, yellow, white, blue, orange and an incredible amount of prints of various shades.

    Creative solution

    As for styles and styles, almost all clothes, fashionable in the winter of 2014-2015, can be traced light retro style of the 70s of the last century, which is expressed in abstract and oriental patterns, as well as folk ornaments that first appeared in fashion period.

    Bright coat

    Expressive clothing silhouettes from the era of “hippie-chic”, which is expressed in loose cuts, an independent image and original drawings, are gradually returning to fashion. Also in the trend of simple and comfortable clothing, in many models can be traced the famous country style, which is characterized by cowboy boots and hats.

    Special attention in the coming winter season is paid to expensive and chic fabrics, velvet and silk at the peak of attention, also at the top of the popularity of tweed and tartan.

    Volume and color

    The look of popular designers in the winter fashion 2015


    As we have said, this season in the collections of fashion designers dominated by special trends: drama, dark shades, rich decor and, especially emphasized in the Prada collection - erasing the lines between a man and a woman.


    The fragile and sophisticated female body is hidden under shapeless and dark outfits: straight and coarse forms of coats, which can be softened by thin and bright silk ties, as well as translucent and very feminine silk skirts.

    This is Prada

    The center of attention is a rough finish of the coat with sheepskin fur, as well as individual bright models in red and purple colors, which are focused only on bold and self-confident girls.

    Emilio Pucci

    If we continue to analyze new products in the world of outerwear, then the next design house, which is striking by its immediacy, is Emilio Pucci.

    His luxurious and original coats and coats with Norwegian roots, as well as shaggy ponchos with Scandinavian motifs, just will not leave indifferent modern fashionistas.

    Emilio Pucci

    The focus is on warm sweaters and blouses with ethnic and geometric prints, complemented by a deep V-neck and frill sleeves, airy chiffon and incredibly feminine velvet trouser suits of pleasant colors.

    Victoria Beckham

    The collection of the famous designer Victoria Beckham impressed everyone with her femininity, grace and refinement, among the masculine and gloomy design decisions, her models became a real ray of light, as many critics say.

    Victoria Beckham

    Feminine monochrome coats with a smell, pleated skirts and hem of dresses, narrowed trousers with arrows, round sleeves on blouses and huge chiffon flowers - that's what should become the object of adoration and lust of real women of fashion in the winter season 2014-2015.

    Giorgio Armani

    The basics of style and elegance, which are incorporated in the new collection of the famous brand, will please many business and classical style lovers. Trouser tailored suits with short trousers, restrained blouses and classic jackets, strict dresses, complemented by asymmetry and pleated hem, which becomes the main highlight of the upcoming season.

    Giorgio Armani

    All models are complemented by stylish and strict accessories - shoes, watches, ornaments and bags reflect all the possible elegance and restraint, perhaps the main colors as well: wet asphalt, gray, light-green, olive and silver.

    Fashion comes first

    So, what to wear this winter?

    After reviewing the collections of high fashion designer houses, it is always very difficult to put together an unequivocal opinion about what will be fashionable and stylish this season.

    So, remember that, despite not an unthinkable variety of models and design solutions, the main trend that migrates from season to season remains the sense of proportion.

    Fashionable will be those things that ideally sit directly on your figure, for example, boyish gloomy and baggy fashion coats this season will go far from everyone, so you need to look for the golden mean.

    Printed Sweaters

    Do not forget to pay attention to the accessories, this season comes back a strict rule: the shoes and handbag must be of the same color and texture.

    Fur Fashion

    Particularly popular will be boots with a wide bootleg on high heels, as well as comfortable and comfortable shoes at low speed, not without reason, in the winter season 2015 fabulous number of footwear sports models.

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