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    For many of them, our father is associated with power and protection, but in the interpretation of dreams it is not so clear. What can a father dream about?

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    What does dream of father mean

    Modern dream book

    To the improvement of welfare, happy life, joyful events - this is what my father dreams about.

    Argue with him in a dream - expect a decrease in vitality.

    They saw that his father was sick - to inheritance or the onset of sadness.

    If you have seen the father of the dead, quarrels in the family, misfortunes, deeds are possible, for which you will be ashamed.

    Small Veles dream

    You saw your father - a signal of the upcoming difficult situation, from which wisdom will allow.

    The dreamed deceased father foreshadows problems in the conduct of financial affairs. The same dream that a young girl saw speaks about the infidelity of her young man.

    Talking with a living dad is an urgent need for moral support from a relative. If the conversation goes with the deceased father - to a respite in business, which is worth taking.

    Family Dream

    To the vital beginnings, the blessing in the personal sphere,considerable changes in a positive way - that's what fathers dream about, who look healthy, beautiful and neat.

    If you saw your father drunk or sick - to meet with adultery.

    Intimate relationships with the pope are predicting serious ailments and appeal to black magic.

    Dream dream wanderer

    According to the dream book, the father signals future dependence on your leadership.

    When communicating with the father, there is a high risk of waking up in a difficult situation when an urgent need to get the advice of a wise person.

    If you did not listen to the advice of your father - wait for a considerable number of difficult situations.

    It seemed that his father had departed to another world - to be difficulties in business.

    A young girl who saw the deceased dad, should be more attentive to the actions of her beloved - perhaps he is fooling her head.

    Dream Miller

    If you saw your deceased father, you must go to church, where to light a candle for his repose and unleash a conversation about him with close people. The deceased father may dream before the beginning of the time of repentance of anything.

    The deceased father stands and holds something in his hands - maybe this item is necessary for him, then he should be taken to the deceased at the grave.

    When the deceased father embraces in a dream - wait for the addition of wealth.

    A father who has died may come in a dream to warn about the dangers, mistakes or troubles. It is only important to see all the warnings and take a chance.

    When the deceased father is seen alive - you are expected to succeed in all things that you begin.

    When in a dream he leads a conversation with you on any topic, try to remember it - perhaps it is very important.

    Dream Interpretation of Meridian

    According to the dream book, the father assumes the need in the present life to get a wise man’s practical advice in order to get out of a difficult situation.

    In a dream, your father died - to problems in commercial matters and to exercise special caution when solving them.

    A young girl can see in her sleep the deceased dad as a sign of the future infidelity of the sweet.

    Female dream book

    Talking in a dream with his father - to obtain happiness.

    Seeing him dying is unfortunate.

    When the godfather dreamed - to receive a present. To fulfill the role of a godfather in a dream - to the appearance of new obligations

    In the dream you had the chance to become a dad - a happy marriage awaits you.

    The dream of the medium Hasse

    If you had to contemplate a father in a dream, in reality, it is impossible to avoid difficulties in business, you will need good advice.

    When I dreamed that my father had gone to the next world - be careful in managing your affairs, as there will be some difficulties.

    A young girl who noticed a deceased father in a dream should think about her beloved and his behavior — perhaps in a short time he will show himself as a deceiver.

    Freund's Dream

    According to this interpreter of dreams, the pope acts as an interesting figure, expressing very contradictory feelings. Often the father is perceived as a symbol of strength, instruction and love. Given the relationship to the father, dreams can symbolize warmth, love, or, conversely, the absence of these feelings.

    A sick father may dream of unresolved problems that need to be resolved.

    Dream loft

    When you saw your father, this is a testament to the presence of your paternal complex.

    When a man dreamed of a father making love to his mother or another woman, this indicates a man’s hatred of his father.

    If a girl dreamed that she has sexual contact with her father, then in reality this means that she chooses a partner that looks like her father.

    When dad is often you - you suffer a sense of guilt towards him for a small amount of attention.

    Esoteric dream book

    When you managed to see dad - know that his love for you is very strong.

    If the father has already left this light, you can see it in a dream as a sign of your sad grief.

    Vedic dream

    Seen alive dad - you need support and support to solve life issues.

    A father helps with advice or teaches something - you should definitely listen to everything he said.

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