• Fears of a five year old child

    The curiosity of a child at the age of five years rolls over. The child hears the conversations of the parents and takes them very seriously. Fears usually suffer from those children who have been scolded or overseen too much. These children have a feeling of nervousness and self-doubt. But all sorts of phobias can appear in children and without the above components, if these children are too impressionable from birth.

    In other words, all children periodically experience some kind of fear. When a child reports that he is afraid of something, he should definitely listen and say that he is not in danger. It is impossible to deliberately frighten children with evil witches, the police, other people's uncles. Also, you can not show them horror films and sad tales. Very painfully, the baby perceives the idea that dad and mom will stop loving him if he cannot meet their requirements.

    A child's life should be diverse, he should play a lot with peers. The brighter and more fun the baby’s life, the less time he has for unreasonable fears. From the fear of the dark night light saves the room.Light is not able to prevent the child from sleeping as much as fear. Gradually, the fear of darkness will pass completely and the light will not be needed anymore.

    At the age of five, children are usually afraid of the idea of ​​possible death. Explanations of parents should not scare the child even more. People usually die in old age from the disease. It is necessary to convey to the child the idea of ​​the naturalness of death and at the same time assure him that it will follow very soon. Even at the age of five, some children may be afraid of animals. You should not seek to force the child to approach the dog if he is afraid of her. Perseverance on the part of parents will give rise to the stubbornness of the baby. This fear passes by itself.

    The same applies to the fear of water. Teach to swim, leaving the baby unexpectedly, only as an exception. With the majority it does not work. The child himself wants to go into the water, even if he is afraid of her. To rid the child of most fears, you need to play more with him. Going to a psychiatrist is necessary if the fears of the child begin to prevent him from living a full life.

    At the age of five, children begin to see physical disabilities, and also notice that there are differences between boys and girls.The child begins to ask his parents questions of interest, and if the answers are not followed, then he begins to invent his own versions and, as a result, is tormented by the inability to understand some of the questions. You should not see this unhealthy sexual interest. If you ignore the physiological issues, you can generate a vision of sex in a child, as something dangerous. A serious lecture is also not necessary. It is necessary to treat everything easier and give the child the most understandable explanations. To do it better with examples.

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