• Fedor Bondarchuk: the best films in which he starred and which he shot

    On January 26, Fyodor Bondarchuk's “The Attraction” large-scale film is released on the screens - about how an unidentified flying object gets into Chertanovo. On the eve of the premiere, we recall the best films that Fyodor made as a director and in which he acted as an actor.

    "Down House"

    An eccentric comedy of 2001 by Vgikovskiy Bondarchuk's friend Roman Kachanov, who shot DMB.

    "Down House" is the "Idiot" of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, whose action takes place in the 90s of the XX century. Blessed programmer Prince Myshkin, who arrived in Moscow after treatment in a psychiatric clinic in Zurich, plays Fyodor Bondarchuk. New Russian Partheno Rogozhin - Ivan Okhlobystin. He, along with Kachanov, wrote the script.

    "Down House" - this is absurd, largely reflecting the reality of the 90's. Bondarchuk as Myshkin with his naive look and belief in the best in people will remind many the role of Pierre Bezukhov, played by his father Sergey Bondarchuk in one of his best films (“War and Peace”, 1965-1967).

    "Ninth Company"

    The full-length directorial debut of Fyodor Bondarchuk (2001) was conceived as a dialogue with Sergei Bondarchuk's “Fate of a Man”. In the process of working on the script, the idea has changed, and a piercing story has turned out about the Afghan heroes.

    The charming and characteristic recruits who fell into the Afghan military inferno in 1988 were played by the stars Arthur Smolyaninov, Alexey Chadov, Konstantin Kryukov. Bondarchuk himself played the ensign Pogrebnyak.

    "Inhabited Island"

    Two-part adaptation of the novel by the Strugatsky brothers. The release of the first part on the screens was held in 2009.

    The film simultaneously made the star of a curly young actor Vasily Stepanov, who played the earthling Maxim, who was on the planet Saraksh. With Vasily was connected and mass bewilderment about his acting neplastichnosti. However, the movie turned out very spectacular, large-scale and became one of the highest-grossing in Europe in 2006.

    "Two days"

    For the role of high-ranking official Peter Drozdov in the film Avdotya Smirnova, Bondarchuk received the Golden Eagle Award in the nomination “Best Male Role”.

    His hero comes from the capital to pick up a fair amount of land from the provincial literary museum.However, acquaintance with an intelligent staff member of the museum (Ksenia Rappoport) and simple, but honest village life changes not only the position of Peter about the museum, but also brings to his life fresh and strong feelings. Romko about the flushed love between an official and an intelligent young lady turned out to be easy and sunny. And Bondarchuk, in the role of a bureaucrat who has entered a new life, is filmed with love: it seems that he is warm and soft, like a big baby.


    “Stalingrad” for Bondarchuk in some sense is the completion of a certain life cycle or, as often happens with him, a dialogue with the masters of the past.

    Returning from the army Fedya Bondarchuk in 1986 played one of the first roles in his Vgikov teacher Yuri Ozerov in the two-part epic Stalingrad. In 2013, Bondarchuk showed his “Stalingrad”, which was nominated for the Oscar, but it was not included in the list of nominees.

    The military epic, which accompanies the music of the genius Angelo Badalamenti, was visually almost perfect. However, critical reviews were mixed: someone said that "Stalingrad" is too fantastic, theatrical and does not fall into the heart, someone praised the drawing of the details and the magnificent camera work of Maxim Osadchy.

    "Wonderworker" series

    Nikolai Arbenin (Philip Yankovsky) and Viktor Stavitsky (Fedor Bondarchuk), who once took part in research laboratories specializing in extrasensory abilities, are found several years later. Stavitsky became a famous psychic and gathers huge halls throughout the Union. Arbenin is trying to survive and trades on the market. A struggle breaks out between two longtime rivals ...

    The series recreates in detail the atmosphere of the 90s, even causing a pinching nostalgia for ridiculous down jackets, sausages and capors. And Bondarchuk managed to convey the emotions of a hard, but in many ways vulnerable, doubting person.


    Charming family film directed by Alexander Voitinsky about the ghost of aircraft designer Yuri Gordev (Fyodor Bondarchuk), whom no one sees, except for eighth-grader Vanya. As a result, Vanya helps Gordeev to complete his earthly affairs, and the aircraft designer, wise by experience and dealing with the female gender, makes a loser-student a self-confident person. It was difficult to imagine a brutal Fyodor as a ridiculous teenager, but the duet of Bondarchuk and the young actor Semyon Treskunov (later he starred in Good Boy and became a real star) turned out to be surprisingly harmonious.

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