• First pregnancy: what to do?

    We are all different. Some approach conception very seriously, planning pregnancy for years, reading the relevant literature, attending future parents' courses and quit smoking for at least a year. And others (by the way, the overwhelming majority of them) will sit down at their leisure once, calculate when they have had their last menstruations there, have a test done sometime since morning, and at that moment their eyes will expand with surprise. Two stripes! Yes, this is, of course, a very happy moment, but in any case, it causes confusion and even shock to everyone. After all, this is the very first pregnancy! What to do? Let's see.

    What to do first

    1. Do not panic! Think what a joy it is to have a little karapuz, who will soon be affectionately called you mom.
    2. Say hello to your baby, greet him and stroke him.
    3. Keep a test for yourself, so that after many years, having looked at it, we cry in three streams of emotion.

    The first weeks of pregnancy

    1. If you notice any ailments, for example, you continue bleeding from the genitals, be sure to consult a gynecologist, even if it seems to you that there is nothing serious.Minor, in your opinion, recurrent abdominal pain can pose a threat of miscarriage.
    2. If you have bad habits, immediately get rid of them. Pregnant women can not drink alcohol, even in small quantities. Stop smoking in case you smoke; Do not listen to anyone who says that quitting smoking brings harm to the unborn baby.
    3. Review your diet. Now only healthy food! No need to start eating for two, listening to the grandmothers; eat right and the same portions. Do not overeat. Forget about fast foods. Now you both need vitamins and microelements, you can get them if you eat 1 kg of vegetables and fruits per day (this is not so much!). Kefir and milk, consume no more than one liter per day, so as not to cause uterine tone fermentation in the intestine. Your best friends from now are cheese and curd. Do not drink carbonated drinks and carbonated mineral water.
    4. In the early days of pregnancy, you should not be too quick to register, but you should go to the doctor, even if you do not feel any ailments. But do not tighten, until the 12th week, be sure to register with the gynecologist in the local antenatal clinic (LCD) or in a paid medical center.Registration usually becomes after the 7th week, when it is already known that a woman is expecting a child. First, you will pass some doctors: an oculist, an ENT and a therapist, will pass the necessary tests, and your time will be right for you to get registered. By the way, if you want to receive benefits in the future, then do it all before the end of the 1st trimester, which lasts 12 weeks.
    5. Take a walk in the fresh air. It is useful for you and the baby. But do not overwork yourself too much, feel tired, go home to take a break.
    6. In the first month of pregnancy stock up with good books and magazines for expectant mothers. Today the Internet is full of thematic forums where you can chat with future moms like you. Just do not listen to their advice too much, even if you are in such situations, remember that there are no two identical pregnancies, and it is better to consult a doctor if you have serious questions.
    7. Watch your health! Both physical and psychological. In the first days of pregnancy, you need to especially take care of yourself and minimize the risk of getting sick. The embryo is still very weak, so that the disease you need nothing, even a frivolous cold can very adversely affect the development of the unborn child and cause him pathology.If you have the opportunity to take a vacation at work in the first weeks, take advantage of it.
    8. If you did not immediately find out about pregnancy and took dietary supplements or medications in the first days, then be sure to tell your gynecologist about it. Virtually all drugs have a negative effect on the fetus, so do not even try to treat yourself.
    9. Check with your doctor about chronic diseases, if you have them. For example, if you suffer from chronic cystitis, now you need to do everything in your power to prevent it from worsening. Go to the dentist, cure tooth decay. Infection in the oral cavity can lead to negative consequences. Dentist necessarily warn about pregnancy.

    Some more tips

    • Talk to your doctor about prenatal vitamins, he will tell you when to drink and in what doses. These vitamins are full of folic acid, which is very necessary for future moms.
    • If you want to take a drug during a headache, during a cold, etc., carefully read the instructions, it may be contraindicated during pregnancy, or even better ask your doctor if it is allowed or forbidden.
    • In the first weeks of pregnancy, you may experience frequent sleepiness - this is a normal process, so do not use any stimulants, such as ginseng tincture, etc.
    • If you really like coffee, then drink natural brewed and not very strong. Limit yourself to one cup per day.
    • Your sleep should last 8 hours. Sleep in a well-ventilated room.
    • Do not enter into conflict situations to avoid stress.
    • Sign up for courses for pregnant women, they will help you better understand the changes that occur in your body, and prepare for future childbirth.
    • In those days when you usually had your period before, be most attentive to yourself.
    • If your pregnancy proceeds without complications, with the permission of the doctor, you can do light exercise, this is useful, but just do not overdo it.
    • During pregnancy you can have sex. Pick up comfortable and safe postures so as not to harm the baby.
    • Feed yourself with optimism, experience positive emotions, smile more, it is very necessary for your baby.

    Interesting position

    As we have said, each pregnancy is different in its own way.You may be faced with a not very pleasant phenomenon - toxicosis, he may even stay with you almost until the birth. But it is possible that this will not happen to you and you will be lucky. During the first pregnancy, the pelvis is rebuilt, the connective and muscular tissues change, the woman herself changes, because she becomes a mother. It will also be useful to get acquainted with additional information for future mummies:

    We wish you to go this way with joy and find your happiness - a beautiful baby with pink cheeks.

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