• Fishnet tights - for or against?

    At the first mention of pantyhose in a mesh come to mind the school discos of the 90's, on which these same pantyhose were present even in neon colors, followed by memories of how in the late 2000s these pantyhose incessantly blamed all without exception fashion magazines, calling them too vulgar, too sexy, or provincial. Then it was customary for tights to put on a mesh immediately diagnose a complete lack of taste, so that the reputation of such pantyhose was frankly stained almost to the status of the uniform of female sex workers. Due to the fact that in 2016 pantyhose in the mesh again returned to the podium, we decided to give this kind of underwear another chance and analyzed what these pantyhose look stylish, and what exactly they should not be worn.

    Yes: with simple things of an architectural cut

    Brand Creatures of the Wind included pantyhose in the mesh in every second image on the show, but this one seemed to us the most verified and stylish due to the laconic composition of the top and bottom - the top, cut in the shape of the jacket, and the classic pencil skirt.Pantyhose in the net perfectly fit into this strict company, adding to the image a share of playfulness.

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