• Floristics and another 8 main trends of the spring-2018 manicure

    It is March in the courtyard, and this means that it is time to change the winter manicure for spring. Moreover, the design will choose from what. We look and get inspired by fashion ideas.

    Animal print

    Moschino, spring-summer 2018

    Moschino, spring-summer 2018

    Nails with coloring for zebra, leopard, tiger, forest cat this spring will gain new momentum in popularity. By the way, you should not forget about the coloring of reptiles too: snakes, lizards, crocodiles will also “play” on nails. And to adhere to the natural shades of animal coloring will not have to: take only the pattern for the basis, and choose colors at your discretion. You can even make a manicure in red and black colors, and the pattern can be spotty, like a leopard, or striped like a zebra. It will look fashionable and unusual.

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