• Fondan - a dessert that conquers hearts

    If you like chocolate in all its manifestations, then you will definitely be impressed by such an unusual and exquisite dessert as chocolate fondant. And you can cook it at home if you follow a few rules.

    What is this dessert?

    Fondant is an amazing chocolate dessert, which is a crispy crust cooked with chocolate and a liquid middle. The name comes from the French word "melting" and fully reflects the main feature of the dish.

    For the preparation of used biscuit dough on the basis of dark chocolate with the addition of a large amount of butter. It is distributed in shape and baked in the oven until crisp. But it's important to maintain the exact cooking time to keep the liquid consistency of the middle of the dessert, so it is considered quite difficult to prepare.

    France’s homeland is considered to be fondan, and one of French chefs claimsthat he prepared dessert for the first time in 1987, and this unusual solution is not an innovative culinary development, but a simple mistake, as a result of which the cake was not enough to bake. But another confectioner said that the dessert appeared much earlier.

    Interesting fact: in different countries there are other names of fondant, such as “melting chocolate cake”, “small cake”, “chocolate lava”, “soft chocolate”.

    How to cook?

    How to cook chocolate fondant at home? We offer two simple methods.

    Method one

    To make a delicious fondant, prepare these products:

    • 140-150 g of dark chocolate (about one and a half tiles);
    • 50-60 grams of butter;
    • two eggs
    • five st. l. sugar sand;
    • three or four art. l. flour.


    1. First you need to melt the chocolate along with the butter in a water bath or in the microwave oven (leave a little to lubricate the forms) to get a liquid, sticky mass.
    2. In another container, break the eggs, mix them with sugar and whisk. It is not necessary to achieve an air foam, but in any case sugar should completely dissolve.
    3. In a sugar-egg mixture, pour a chocolate-butter mixture in a thin stream, whipping everything with a mixer.
    4. Then add flour, mix everything together and whisk.You should get a thin dough, the consistency of sour cream.
    5. Prepare the molds, grease them with the oil left before, distribute the dough. It will rise slightly, so that you can completely fill almost the entire volume of the containers, leaving about an inch.
    6. Send the molds to an oven preheated to 170-180 degrees and bake fondants for about eight to ten minutes, depending on the characteristics of the device.

    Second way

    Fondant with liquid filling can be cooked even in the microwave. Here's what it takes:

    • half a cup of sugar;
    • 60-70 grams of butter;
    • dark chocolate bar;
    • two chicken eggs;
    • three tablespoons of flour with a slide.


    1. Put butter and chocolate in a bowl. Turn on the microwave oven at medium power, send a container with ingredients for a couple of minutes so that they both melt but do not become excessively liquid.
    2. Beat the eggs separately together with granulated sugar to obtain a homogeneous frothy mass. Then gradually pour the flour into it, continuing the whipping process.
    3. Now enter into the chocolate-oil mixture, mix all the components and whisk with a mixer or whisk.
    4. Take the glass form suitable for use in the microwave, pour the dough into it. Switch the device to maximum power, place a capacity in it for about seven to eight minutes.

    How to file?

    After baking, the fondant should be carefully removed from the mold so as not to damage the thin and rather fragile crisp. Serve it hot and almost immediately after baking, because very soon the core will harden, and the dessert will turn into an ordinary cupcake.

    As a rule, fondant is sprinkled with chocolate shavings or powdered sugar and served on a plate with a vanilla or other ice cream ball. But if you wish with such a dessert you can offer no less exquisite berry sauce. Also for decor and freshness, you can use mint leaves.

    Tip: to slightly shade the sweetness, you can use fresh berries, such as raspberries, strawberries or cherries. They have a pleasant tartness and just blend perfectly with dark chocolate.


    Finally, a few tips for those who decided to make the perfect fondant:

    1. The recipe can be slightly changed by reducing the number of eggs.In this case, the sponge cake will be more gentle and airy. Eggs make dough thick.
    2. After lubrication, the bottom of the molds can be powdered with cocoa powder. Such a trick will give the dessert a more pronounced crisp and will prevent the dough from sticking to the walls.
    3. How much to bake fondant? It depends on your particular oven, but it is better not to keep it and bake it, rather than overdo it and turn it into a standard cupcake. Therefore, to get the perfect consistency, you can practice by starting with a minimum time of six to seven minutes. As a result, a crust should form, but the middle of the apex will remain soft, and a liquid center will remain under it.
    4. Biscuit can be made more fragrant by adding a bag of vanillin or a drop of vanilla extract to the dough. Also, originality and sophistication can be given with the help of cherry, cream, almond or chocolate liqueur. For this purpose, you can use rum or cognac.
    5. If you have an oven with convection function, then by all means use it to evenly distribute the heat and get the perfect crust covering the entire dessert, avoiding sticking to the bottom.
    6. Do not open the oven door in the cooking process, otherwise the dough will not rise, and the biscuit will be tight.
    7. Some feed the fondant immediately before serving, but this is not necessary. Keep the dessert whole and give the opportunity to get to the liquid center to the one who will enjoy the dish.
    8. The most convenient way to prepare is to use soft silicone molds: cupcakes are quickly and simply removed from them, and the dough practically does not burn.

    If you want to please and surprise your family or guests with an exquisite dessert, try making a melting fondant.

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