• For that in Sri Lanka, condemned tourists

    ������If you are going to visit another country, you should spend at least a little time studying its customs and beliefs. Without knowing some elementary rules of behavior, one can at best make an unpleasant opinion of oneself, at worst one can risk being beaten or in prison.
    Three tourists from France, a man and two women, got into such a situation. Going into a Buddhist temple, they decided to take a picture with a statue of Buddha, which in itself is a violation of certain ethical standards - as a rule, it is forbidden to take photographs without permission in the temples. However, tourists did not just take pictures in the temple, but had a real photo session there. In particular, the man tried to repeat the pose of the deity, and one of the women kissed the statue of the Buddha on the lips.
    Having finished photographing, the tourists quietly withdrew. Trouble for them began later, when they decided to print the captured photos in a local photo studio.His employees, having examined the photos, felt offended and called the police. Unlucky tourists were detained.
    To the credit of the French, they did not unlock and immediately pleaded guilty. Given this fact, as well as the fact that tourists did not intend to insult the feelings of believers, the sentence was quite mild. The World Court sentenced the French to a six-month probationary sentence with a delay of five years and a fine of Rs 1,500 (approximately 12 dollars) per person. Tourists from France were even allowed to stay in the country until the end of their vacation period.
    As can be seen from the verdict of the court, it turned out to be quite symbolic, but instructive. The story of the French tourists hit the pages of the world's leading news agencies, so now many tourists visiting Sri Lanka and other countries will behave more cautiously. In particular, they will try to get acquainted in advance with local beliefs and customs.

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