• French crepe with caramel bananas

    Photo: Victoria Lantseva
    Chicken eggs4 piecesUnsalted butter150 gramsMilk0.5 litersCream 33% fat0.35 liters1 tspPowdered sugar3.5 tbspBananas2 piecesFruit (for filling (bananas, oranges, kiwi))Caramel syrup (for filling)Sugar (for bananas in caramel)100 gramsSesame (for bananas in caramel)2 tbsp.Potato starch (for bananas in caramel)1 tbsp.Refined vegetable oil2 tbsp.
    For decoration
    few branches
    • Servings:
    • Cooking time:60 minutes

    First, prepare the thin French pancakes. Beat the eggs together with powdered sugar, salt and melted (not hot) butter. Gradually, flour, sifting through a sieve, pour into the mixture. Warm milk and cream, stirring with a spoon, combine with thick dough. Glow pancake pan and bake thin pancakes. Oil is not necessary.

    Fruits mode with cubes and stuff pancakes and roll them into tubes, fold them with icing sugar on a plate and pour pancakes with a thin stream of caramel through a pastry syringe or bag.

    Peel and cut bananas. Roll in potato starch. Fry bananas on both sides in vegetable oil until golden brown. Prepare a glass of very cold water. In the remaining butter, dissolve the sugar to the caramel state (so that the color changes to a pleasant caramel), pour in the sesame. Put fried bananas in caramel and mix well. Sticks (or fork, spoon), with which you will remove bananas from the pan, keep in cold water so that the caramel does not stick to them. Take each piece and dip into the water, and then put it on a plate to set.

    Put the bananas on a plate next to the pancakes, cool. When serving, decorate bananas with a sprig of mint. Dessert must be served immediately, as bananas in caramel quickly dampen.

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