• Fried lentils - recipe

    Fried lentils - recipe photoFried lentils - recipe

    Ha 4 servings:

    350 g beige or fine grain lentils;

    boiling salted water about 1 l;

    butter 45 g;

    parsley, chopped 4 tbsp. l .;

    lemon; squeeze juice 1 pc .;

    black pepper;

    triangular toasts 16 pcs .;

    boiled eggs and sliced ​​4 pieces;

    thin slices of puff bacon; fry until it turns crispy 8 pcs.


    Fried lentils - recipe



    Pour the lentils in salted water and cook for 1 hour or until it is soft, then drain the water. In a massive frying pan, melt the butter, put the lentils in it and fry. When the lentils begin to brown, sprinkle it with parsley, pour with lemon juice, throw a pinch of black pepper and continue cooking, stirring occasionally until the lentils are completely roasted. Before serving, decorate the dish with croutons, egg slices and pieces of fried bacon.

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