• Gaydulyan and Rubtsova turned for help to the star stylist

    Lina Dembikova dismantled the wardrobe of the heroes of SASHITANI and gave valuable advice on updating it.

    The heroes of the sitcom "SASHATANYA" of the TNT channel have been together since the days of the university. For 10 years, the Sergeevs have passed through fire, water, and copper pipes. And also mortgage, child birth, kindergarten, problems at work and much more. Despite everything, they are together, everything is perfect for them, but in the new season the couple will face a real crisis. Will their love stand the upcoming serious challenges?

    10 years is a long time. Especially for family life. At some point there is a crisis, when it is urgently necessary to refresh the relationship. But how to do that? Maybe just change the image? Stylist of the program "Reload" on TNT Lina Dembikova dismantled the wardrobe "SASHITANI" and gave advice on updating the style.

    Sasha and Tanya Sergeeva
    Photo: TNT

    Lina Dembikova, stylist:“Many couples sin by the fact that after several years of relationships they begin to relax and do not devote the proper amount of time to their appearance.Sasha and Tanya are clearly already in that relationship when both are consumed with domestic issues and openly ignore their appearance. Sasha should spend more time on body tone, sign up for the gym, and then he can afford more experiments with clothes. From the point of view of style, I would recommend a slightly more brutal image: use dark and deep shades. I think it’s time for him to change his student wardrobe for a more manly one.

    Tanya after the birth of the child returned to excellent shape. But she dresses like a real mommy on maternity leave. It's time for Tanya to add femininity and sexuality to her wardrobe. Most often, she chooses a casual style, but it would be worth wearing more dresses, not to forget about the neckline and open slender legs. Even at home, I do not recommend girls to wear stretched T-shirts and sports things. A man coming from work should see a beautiful woman in front of him. Now there are plenty of options for beautiful and attractive home clothes for girls. A couple of new peignoirs Tanya just come in handy. "

    Perhaps the tips of the star stylist and the new wardrobe will help Sergeyev look at each other in a new way.How the heroes of the sitcom will change and whether they will be able to overcome the crisis in relations, see from September 2, every Sunday at 15:00 on TNT.

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