• General Characteristics: Capricorn

    Capricorns - fighters for their independence and material freedom. These are people with strong will and powerful internal energy. They believe in their good fortune.

    Capricorn sign description

    Capricorns come in two types. Some people do not consider themselves children, and already at the age of 5 years, they are trying to make adult decisions, and, having reached the age of majority, independently earn their living. To other insights that they matured, comes to 30 years.

    Characteristics of Capricorn

    Jim Carrey has all the characteristics of the Capricorn zodiac sign. Besides him, Mel Gibson, Vanessa Paradis, Dima Bilan, Armin van Buren, Rowan Atkinson, Nicolas Cage were born under this sign.

    Capricorn is not afraid of loneliness, but seeks to create a family. In love and friendship is constant. He does not like losing friends. Stealth is inherent in him, so it makes it difficult for him to create new friendships. A certain isolation sometimes interferes with communication with colleagues. Capricorn does not forgive betrayal and does not betray his relatives.

    This sign is not peculiar to wastefulness.He saves a penny to a penny all his life in order not to depend on anyone financially in his old age.

    Capricorns do not like to demonstrate their merits, they rarely boast or talk about themselves. Because of this, in the company of strangers make a weak impression. They are never in the spotlight, they love to stay away.

    In life, Capricorns are guided by the principle "measure one hundred times and cut once." They do not make rash actions, so they rarely make mistakes. The same principle is followed in private life. They can live alone up to 30-40 years. By choosing a partner, as well as to work, are responsible. Fleeting hobbies are not for them, they are not exchanged for short-term affairs. Build a family only with a reliable person who can be trusted. If they manage to find such a chosen one, then the relationship is strong and calm.

    Capricorns do not care about their appearance. They do not try to look attractive, do not pursue fashion. Wear the clothes in which they are comfortable.

    Strengths and weaknesses of the sign Capricorn

    Capricorns - long-lived. They are an earthly sign, therefore practicality and rationality are inherent in them.Capricorns strive for success and material wealth, they believe in their strength and prosperous future.

    Characteristic sign Capricorn


    • purposefulness;
    • endurance;
    • the ability to overcome difficulties;
    • a responsibility;
    • discipline;
    • caution.

    Capricorn is not afraid of difficult situations, he goes right through if he sees a barrier in front of him.

    Representatives of this sign have weaknesses. Because of their employment, they have no time for their loved ones. They find it difficult to build a love relationship. They are stubborn and secretive, they can easily offend their rash statements.

    There are many stingy and hardhearted people among Capricorns. The disadvantages include the fact that it is difficult for them to take the first step.

    Element of the sign Capricorn and his mascot

    Capricorn is the sign of the Earth. He is under the influence of two strong planets - Saturn and Mars. His mascot are those items that protect against unclean forces and negative energy.

    The following stones are suitable as a guardian for Capricorn:

    • Agate. Strengthens purposefulness and strength of will.
    • Tourmaline. Gives clarity of mind, does not obsess over one thing.
    • Ruby. Increases sexual energy, therefore attracts the opposite sex.
    • Onyx.Protects against danger.
    • Opal. Reduces the manifestation of Capricorn's weaknesses.
    • Chrysoprase. It protects from damage and the evil eye.

    Success bring black and brown colors in clothes.

    Capricorn has homemade amulet plants. This is a yucca and dracaena.

    Characteristics of Capricorn's career

    They strive to occupy high positions in their work. The role of subordinates is not for them. They are moving quickly along the career path due to their perseverance, hard work and logical thinking.

    Characteristic sign of the zodiac Capricorn

    Capricorns know how to organize a workflow. They are workaholics and can spend most of their lives at work. Their diligence always gives fruit. They are not afraid of hard work. If Capricorn is busy, it may not even feel hunger and thirst. The representative of this sign prefers to work in a private office, where he will not be disturbed by noise.

    Capricorns command respect from subordinates and respect the management themselves. They are good in such professions: builders, architects, lawyers, politicians, managers and administrators, financiers and accountants and even farmers. They can be both state workers and work as miners or bricklayers.Do not be afraid of dirty work, if it is well paid.

    Lucky Capricorn and in business, especially in commerce and construction. Before doing their work, they fully explore this area. All heard and read by representatives of this sign use for the benefit of themselves.

    Characteristic health sign of the zodiac Capricorn

    The best disease prevention for this sign is laughter. A good mood can improve health, because more often the cause of ailments becomes restraint of emotions. Capricorns are prone to long-term depression, which leads to nervous exhaustion.

    They sleep a little and eat, do not like to play sports. This affects their health and leads to such diseases:

    • rheumatism, osteochondrosis, arthritis or arthrosis;
    • atherosclerosis, thrombosis and varicose veins;
    • salt deposits;
    • renal and heart failure;
    • kidney stones and bladder.

    Representatives of this sign are prone to cardiovascular diseases. For prevention, they need to keep themselves in good shape with exercise.

    Capricorns suffer from an excess of calcium, so a stone is formed on the teeth, growths appear on the arms and wrists. They are afraid of drafts and cold, often suffer from colds.

    From time to time Capricorns need to rest to relieve mental fatigue. They should give up quick snacks, otherwise there is a chance to gain extra kilos. Especially you need to keep an eye on weight if there are chronic diseases or a hereditary predisposition to obesity.

    Capricorns are career oriented, sometimes even to the detriment of their personal lives. They are happy at work, but not everyone is able to build a strong family. Advice to Capricorn - open the opposite sex and do not be afraid to surrender to the senses. The second half will be your support in achieving material well-being.

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