• Hanks, Jackman, Madonna and 10 more stars who grew up without moms

    Woman’s Day found out which celebrities were deprived of maternal affection as a child.

    According to statistics, the reasons for which the child is left without a mother are about the same as for which families are deprived of their fathers: divorce, premature death of the wife or deprivation of a woman’s maternal rights. However, in the case of the heroes of our publication, the last reason sounds somewhat different - sometimes the father during a divorce proves that his ex-spouse is untenable as a mother, and receives full custody.

    Of course, when a man brings up children on his own, it is somewhat harder for him than for a woman, if only because he has to do things that are traditionally considered to be female. A real man, of course, will pull his knight's helmet down more deeply and cope with such difficulties - washing and the need to prepare food for his little ones will not knock him out of the saddle. True, he will also have to resist the onslaught of the ladies: many single fathers complain that on walks, and indeed outside of the house, other mothers always come up with advice from them. This is terribly annoying.“I, too, are the only bearers of wisdom!” - the fathers are angry, and they are not so good either.

    However, their children are also not easy. The consequences of the fact that a child grew up without a mother, of course, exist, but it is difficult to speak unequivocally and specifically about them. Very much depends on the environment of education. For example, the heroines of our list, Courtney Love and Madonna, who grew up without moms, were still those hooligans in their youth, but Tom Hanks, Hugh Jackman and Paul McCartney, who suffered the same fate, were not inclined to hooliganism - quite a good family man.

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