• Headache in the temples: causes, treatment

    Headache - a frequent companion of people with irregular working hours, experiencing daily overload. Pain in the temples also occurs in people with hormonal disruptions, during a cold or a pinched nerve. In some cases, temporal headache indicates a serious injury. If chronic pain is detected, you should consult a doctor, and in case of temporary discomfort, you should deal with the problem at home. Pain can be treated with medicines, special exercises or folk remedies.

    The main causes of headaches

    The painful condition of the head, in which the temple constantly pulsates heavily, occurs very often. It can be a sign of a viral illness, a lack of nutrition, or simply an overstressing of the muscles and body. Doctors identify eight main reasons why the temporal part of the head hurts:

    1. Constant toothache. Dental problems are often transmitted to the head area: the pain is “given” from the jaw to the ears and neck. To reduce pain, if such a reason is to blame, you can with the help of eliminating the aching tooth or its treatment.Otherwise, it will be given to the ear or even the eye. Chewing enhances the sensation.
    2. Infectious and viral lesions of the body. If a foreign body gets into the human body, an increased amount of antibodies and lymphocytes is produced and severe overheating occurs. The body begins to burn, ache, it can crush the feeling of heat and pain. The human body spends a lot of energy on this process. Therefore, there are severe headaches that cough increases.
    3. Problems of the cardiovascular system. If blood flows through the vessels irregularly, starving areas are formed to the right or left of the forehead - tissues that lack air. As a result of oxygen starvation, headaches occur in the temporal region.
    4. Injuries. Negative sensations can be caused by injuries to the head and injuries affecting the nervous system or the circulatory system. Permanent nature is taken in osteochondrosis, when an unpleasant "backache" in the ear and numbness can occur.
    5. Overvoltage. Due to the constant load on the body, the human brain is over-stressed, often there are failures in the circulation of blood, and as a result, bouts of pulsating headache begin. As a result of muscle spasm, the vessels are squeezed.A harsh sound can provoke tinnitus, squeeze the temples.
    6. Intoxication of the body. Occurs in case of poisoning, infectious and viral diseases, inflammations and cancers; often accompanied by dizziness. Because of the toxins that enter the blood, there is a negative reaction, which is also expressed as pain in the temples.
    7. Age changes. Older people often suffer from headaches due to changes in the vascular system; they often skip pressure and this makes them unwell.
    8. Hormonal drops. Pregnant women, adolescents, people with endocrine disabilities are more likely to suffer from unreasonable pain. A woman can also suffer from menopause.

    Pains are relieved by the underlying cause. A serious reason to consult a doctor is an unpleasant feeling on the background of an injury, an infectious or viral disease. If the pain is chronic, then we can talk about the presence of vascular problems. Then it is also worth visiting a specialist.

    Pain in the circulatory system

    If an unpleasant feeling in the temples occurs mainly in the morning, then it is the blood circulation disorder that is to blame.It can occur for a variety of reasons:

    • due to an injury that squeezes blood vessels in the neck and reduces normal blood flow;
    • because of plaques or blood clots in the vessels;
    • as a result of pressure disorders.

    Headache can last from 30 minutes to whole days. If it is characterized by a too long period, you should consult a doctor. Circulatory disorders can lead to serious health problems, including aneurysm and rupture of blood vessels.

    The formation of plaques and blood clots occurs as a result of elevated cholesterol in the blood. To reduce cholesterol, you need to abandon the intake of fatty foods, including cooked at home on a lot of oil. To reduce cholesterol, it is also recommended to take specialized drugs that are prescribed by a doctor.

    If headaches are due to injury, you need to find and eliminate it. Possible problems may include a clamped cervical vessel. Often, pinching of the vessels occurs due to osteochondrosis. Cervical vertebrae are displaced and begin to put pressure on the bloodstream. At the same time the pulsing knock in ears is characteristic.

    Pains during hormonal failures

    Hormonal changes that occur too quickly can lead to a negative body reaction. Temporary throbbing pains are one such reaction. At the same time, pressing on the head is painless, but sudden rises and tension can increase the indisposition.

    Most often, pain occurs during pregnancy. They are caused simultaneously by hormonal disruption, and intoxication of the body, and overstrain of the body. Pulsating sensations during menopause also occur frequently. You can identify them by accompanying signs: dizziness, irritability, increased sweating, the desire to constantly squeeze objects with your fingers (manifestation of nervousness).

    Teenagers suffer from hormonal problems and feel increased pain on the background of constant eyestrain. To help cope with the ailment, you need to do exercises for the eyes.

    For serious disorders of the endocrine system, injection is necessary. They will correct the hormones and will get rid of the constant pain in the temples.

    General treatments

    Regardless of the cause of the disease, initially it should be treated symptomatically. While the doctor is looking for the root cause of the problem, selects the optimal course of therapy, you need to temporarily, but quickly get rid of pain. Analgesics are used for this:

    • Tempalgin;
    • "Citramon";
    • "Nurofen".

    It is enough to use one medication. Such drugs simultaneously improve blood circulation (thin the blood), have an analgesic effect and eliminate muscle spasms. The most budgetary drug is Citramon. It is sold for several rubles per plate with 3-4 pills. The tablet has a sour taste, it dissolves easily in the mouth. One pill (or half for children) needs to be washed down with water. The action will be noticeable after 15 minutes.

    "Tempalgi" and "Nurofen" - medications that are recommended to take with the pain of a viral nature. If the malaise has arisen against the background of temperature, Nurofen will help, and Tempalgin is a good fit for muscle cramps, intoxication and problems against hormones (during menstruation, pregnancy). "Nurofen" can be taken in two pills at once, if the pain is especially strong.But then the next portion of the pills is available in a day. The same goes for Tempalgin. In case of overdose, a pressing effect may occur, nausea, vomiting, in the ears will begin to knock.

    Precautions when using analgesics

    Analgesics help with pain in the head, eliminate tingling, but may not be combined with some drugs and cause complications of certain diseases. So, they are not recommended for anemia and open bleeding wounds. The drugs lead to the dilution of the blood vessels, which can result in major blood loss or internal hemorrhage.

    It is not recommended to take the above medicines for children and pregnant, lactating women. For children there are separate drugs - "Nurofen Children" and the like. And mothers who feed or bear a baby should, if possible, completely abandon the painkiller. It is detrimental to the development and health of the baby.

    If the pain goes to the right, that is, the right temple hurts, or, on the contrary, the sensation comes from the left and only the left one is covered, then the problem may be otitis Then analgesics are not recommended at all.If the back of the head hurts, you should also refrain from medication.

    Folk remedies and exercises to reduce pain

    Muscle spasms and vascular problems can be solved without the use of medications. Simple actions and recipes that relieve spasm will help.

    To reduce pain in the temples, you can:

    • take a cool shower;
    • put a cool towel moistened with water on the forehead and temples;
    • drink plenty of water;
    • take a recumbent position, stay in a well-ventilated area.

    If these measures do not help, it is worth trying a massage. Soft circular motions from the temple to the forehead will disperse the blood, improve its circulation, and allow you to quickly get rid of the indisposition.

    Folk recipes based on the use of herbs. You can drink a relaxing tea with a low caffeine content, add lemon to it - sour foods help you escape from pain. Folk recipes do not replace a full-fledged treatment, especially if it requires therapy for injury or viral disease. This is only an auxiliary method of therapy.

    Temporal headaches can be both harmless and signaling serious problems. With constant manifestations of indisposition, you need to consult a specialist as soon as possible. He will select the optimal course of treatment, give recommendations on how to reduce symptoms.

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