• Healthy breakfast: 7 best foods


    Cottage cheese

    If you want to serve something healthy for breakfast - think about cottage cheese. It is a storehouse of calcium and protein, and at the same time in the cottage cheese a little fat, it is not high in calories. For lovers of sweet dishes, it can be whipped with a blender by adding apple slices. The curd mass is spread on bread or toast, and cinnamon is sprinkled on top. The second option is not for sweet teeth: cottage cheese should be salted and pieces of vegetables and greens added to the mass: cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers.


    Eggs - a product not only useful, but also necessary for an organism. The feeling of hunger will not visit you until lunch, if you start the day with eating them, because eggs are rich in protein. Those who monitor cholesterol levels should not fry scrambled eggs in butter and include bacon in it. Eggs by themselves do not increase bad cholesterol.


    Yogurts help to improve the digestive processes due to probiotics, and therefore help to get rid of extra pounds.By including yogurt in your daily healthy breakfast, you help reduce bad cholesterol. This product is rich in vitamin B12, as well as iodine, calcium, zinc and phosphorus. In addition, milk, from which we also draw calcium, is absorbed by the body worse than yogurt. It is better to buy this product without fillers, and flavoring additives in the form of honey, berries or fruit should be added independently.


    A rich and healthy breakfast may consist of oatmeal. This porridge is rich in fiber, and therefore contributes to the regulation of blood sugar levels and reduces cholesterol. As a low-glycemic index, oatmeal suppresses appetite.


    The daily rate of fruits and vegetables is easy to get in the morning, if your healthy breakfast consists of a smoothie. We prepare it on the basis of low-fat dairy products: yogurt, kefir or just milk.


    It is definitely worth adding a handful of berries to yogurt or oatmeal, even if thawed, if this is not summer. After all, they are not calories, but contain a bunch of nutrients and vitamins. Phytonutrients and antioxidants contained in strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and other berries help the heart to work and reduce the risk of cancer.

    Green tea

    Well, what a healthy breakfast can be without green tea.It is worth recalling that this particular drink can prevent damage to the cells of the body, thanks to the unique substances catechins. For their release, green tea should be infused for at least 5 minutes.

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