• Hello, Alina, tell me how to succeed in creativity?

    I am an aspiring writer, although it is said loudly. I do not use popularity among readers, but the reviews are very positive. How to attract the attention of the reader, what to look for?


    To succeed in creativity today means nothing, much more important is how useful you are with your creativity, how sincere you are. This is what determines success, this is the most important thing, and recognition and popularity is just a nice bonus.

    Write from the heart, share your creativity with people and your reader will surely find you.

    a guest25.10.16 10:59

    Probably need to try to find a publisher.

    Work, work and work. And analyze what you are doing, what happened and what did not. As for the technique of writing skills, the language of the writer, then go to the site of authors.

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